FINAL FANTASY IV Complete Script

(Chronicles version)

Part 1: Baron-Mist
Part 2: Mist-Damcyan
Part 3: Damcyan-Fabul
Part 4: Fabul-Mysidia
Part 5: Mysidia-Baron Revisited
Part 6: Baron Revisited-Troia
Part 7: Troia-Underworld
Part 8: Underworld-Eblan
Part 9: Eblan-Underworld Revisited
Part 10: Underworld Revisited-The Moon
Part 11: The Moon-Finale
Part 12: Finale-Ending
Part 13: Ending

Note: Lines marked with a "*" are optional dialogue not required to complete the game.


(opening scene, aboard Red Wings airship)

Crew: Captain, we will arrive at Baron shortly.

Cecil: ...Alright.

Crew: The captain seems kinda down.

Crew: After what we did, who wouldn't be? I mean orders are orderes, but killing innocent people to get the Crystals...?

(Mysidian raid flashback, no text. Cecil raids Mysidian crystal chamber and takes Crystal)

(back aboard Red Wings airship)

Crew: It isn't right. The Red Wings are supposed to protect people. We should never --

Cecil: That's enough!

Crew: But, Captain!

Crew: Surely you don't condone what we've done, Captain?

Cecil: All of you, listen well. The raid on Mysidia was imperative. His Majesty and his council concluded that the Mysidians, who know much about the Crystals, posed a serious threat to our kingdom. For Baron to prosper, we need the Crystals. As soldiers of the Royal Air Force, we must achieve this by any means necessary.

Crew: Captain!

Crew: Monsters incoming!

Cecil: Prepare for battle!


Crew: Ugh!

Cecil: Are you alright!?

Crew: More incoming!

Cecil: Dammit!


Cecil: Is everyone alright?

Crew: Yes, sir.

Crew: So many monsters these days...Where the heck are they coming from?

Cecil: What is happening to this world...?

Crew: Captain, we are now over Baron.

Cecil: Prepare for landing.

(airships arrive at Baron)

Baigan: Ah, the Crystal is now ours, yes?

Cecil: The Mysidians put up no resistance. They were so helpless...

Baigan: You pity them? Hmph. Come, Captain. His Majesty awaits.

(Baigan leads Cecil into the castle)

Baigan: Forgive me, Captain, but I must speak to His Majesty in private. Please wait here.

(Baigan enters throne room alone)

Baigan: Your Majesty, I'm afraid Cecil can no longer be trusted. He clearly questions your authority.

King: I suspected as much. It matters not, so long as I get the Crystals. Send him in.

Baigan: Yes, Your Majesty.

Baigan: Captain. His Majesty summons you.

(Cecil enters)

King: Baron hails your return. The Crystal, Cecil.

Cecil: Yes, Your Majesty.

"Handed over the Water Crystal"

King: So this is the Crystal. What splendor... Dismissed, Cecil.

(Cecil turns to leave)

Cecil: Your Majesty!

King: !?

Baigan: Why, Captain. What is it?

Cecil: Your Majesty, forgive me, but what do you intend? The men are confused--some, even displeased.

King: And you? You question my command?

Cecil: No! I only--

King: Silence! Dissension only leads to treason, and that, I will not tolerate. I hearby relieve you of command of the Red Wings.

Cecil: Your Majesty!

King: Now, I charge you with another duty. Slay the phantom beast that infests the Mist Valley, and deliver this Bomb Ring to the village Mist. You leave tomorrow, at first light.

(Kain enters)

Kain: Your Majesty, I beg you to reconsider.

Kain: Cecil as done no wrong.

King: You insolent cur! How dare you barge in here!? If you're so concerned about him, by all means, accompany him! Now, take the ring and begone!

"Received BombRing"

Cecil: Your Majesty!

(Cecil and Kain are pushed out of the throne room by guards)

Cecil: I'm sorry, Kain.

Kain: Don't worry. After we finish this task, you'll be flying again in no time.

Cecil: ...

Kain: Get some rest. Leave tomorrow's preparations to me.

(Kain leaves, Cecil is free to roam Baron Castle)

*(Baron Castle 2F Throne Passage)

*Baron Throne Guard: The king is most displeased. He shan't see you until you deliver the Bomb Ring to Mist Village.

*(Baron Castle 2F)

*Baron Throne Guard: I've heard rather disturbing rumors regarding the king lately.

*Baron Throne Guard: Refrain from any rebellious thoughts if you wish to survive these times.

*Baron Soldier: Lately, I sense a strange air about His Majesty.

*Baron Soldier: Whatever others may say, I trust the king.

*Baron Soldier: The Mist Valley is northwest of Baron.

*Baron Soldier: With you and Master Kain joining forces, nothing will be able to stop you.

*Kain: What's wrong?

*Cecil: Nothing...except that I dragged you into one hell of a mess.

*Kain: Yeah, what else is new? Kidding.

*Cecil: I mastered the dark sword at His Majesty's orders. But it was to protect Baron, not to plunder.

*Kain: Don't get yourself down over this. I'm sure the king had his reasons.

*Cecil: I envy you, Kain--the path you chose.

*Kain: I'm just following in my father's footsteps. I suppose I could've attained higher rank had I become a dark knight, but this suits me better.

*Cecil: ...

*Kain: Don't think too much, and get some rest already. We rise early tomorrow. Hey, 500 Gil says I slay that beast tomorrow.

*Cecil: Alright you're on.

*Kain(after talking): I'll see you tomorrow.

*(Baron castle 1F)

*Baron Soldier: Zzz...!? I'm on duty! Leave me alone!

*Baron Soldier: I heard you brought back the Crystal from Mysidia.

*Baron Soldier: You are free to take the items in this room. Press the switch on the wall to open the door.

*(Black Magic Lab)

*Black Mage: Sleep! Heh heh. Sweet dreams. Huh? You're not sleepy at all? Hmmm. What did I do wrong...?

*Black Mage: We're diligently working to develop more spells or actual combat.

*Black Mage: Basic spells like Fire and Ice aren't poweruful enough against many monsters. I seem to remember hearing about more potent spells, but...

*(White Magic Lab)

*White Mage: Rosa became a white mage for you, Cecil, to help you in any way she could. Don't worry her too much, got it?

*White Mage: The king is brimming with vigor these days. I find it somewhat unnatural.

*White Mage: I'm currently studying basic white magic: Cure1, Cure2, and Cure3, three levels of cure spells.

*(Castle Baron outside)

*Baron Soldier: All is well, sir.

*Baron Soldier: There's been a foreboding mood surrounding the castle lately.

*Baron Soldier: Nightfall is approaching, sir. Please remain inside the castle.

*Baron Soldier: You leave early tomorrow. Please get some rest.

*Engineer: Man, we have to pull another all-nighter... This sucks! Don't tell the boss that I was complaining, alright?

*Engineer: Have you seen Master Cid? He ordered us to service the airships, then disappeared somewhere.

*Baron Soldier: This tower is off-limits.

*(Baron Castle right passage)

*Baron Soldier: Baron's sacred treasures rest within these walls. Access to this chamber is forbidden.

(Baron Castle left passage)

Rosa: Cecil!

(Rosa enters)

Rosa: Thank goodness you're alright. I was so worried. You and your men left on such short notice.

Cecil: We're okay...I wish I could say the same for the Mysidians...

Rosa: Cecil!

Rosa: I'll visit you later, okay?

Cecil: Alright...

(Rosa leaves)

*(Baron Castle Dungeon)

*Baron Soldier: We've locked up the Mysidian mages who opposed us, sir.

*Black Mage: You! You won't get away with this, you hear me!?

*White Mage: I do not expect you to spare us. But, please, return the Crystal to Mysidia.

*Black Mage: You idiots don't know anything! The Crystal is not just any old jewel!

(Castle Baron outside, left side)

Cid: Well, well, well. Look who's back. Rosa was mighty worried about you.

(Cid enters)

Cid: I told you before, and I'll tell you again. If you EVER make here cry, I'm gonna-- I...I'm not gonna let you ride my airships. So, how are my babies doin'? I'll bet you and your grunts crashed them again, huh? What's the matter with you, boy?

Cecil: Well...

Cid: WHAT!? The king demoted you to an errand boy!? What about my Red Wings!? They'll be a mess without you! What's come over the king? Maybe I should think twice about workin' on the new prototype he's been hounding me to finish. Hell if I'm gonna let him use my beloved airships as killin' machines! Cecil, you and me, we gotta stick together on this. Now, you go complete your mission and get back safe, you hear? Whoa, I've gotta get home, or my daughter's gonna kill me.

(Cid leaves)

*(Baron Castle Red Wings room)

*Baron Soldier: OWWW! My arm's broken!

*Baron Soldier: Captain...

*Baron Soldier: We'll just eat and laugh and try to forget about Mysidia.

*Baron Soldier: So much for the Red Wings' honor...

*Baron Soldier: I still can't believe what we did.

(Baron Castle, left tower)

Servant woman: I've changed your sheets, sir. Good night.

(Cecil's room, night)

Cecil: What's happened to the king? He covets the Crystals as though he's possessed... and he'll resort to any means to get them. Nevertheless, I can't defy him. How could I cross the man who raised Kain and me like his very own? The chivalrous knight whom I've adored and admired since childhood? I will not betray him. I can't.

(Rosa enters)

Rosa: Cecil!

Rosa: What's going on? You just returned from Mysidia, and now you must leave again to battle this phantom beast.

Cecil: Don't worry.

Rosa: Cecil, look at me.

Cecil: In Mysidia, we killed innocent people to steal their...It was horrible. I guess it's my fate as a dark knight. Soon, I won't even feel any remorse for my actions.

Rosa: You and I both know that would never happen.

Cecil: Still, I can't defy the king... I'm a hopeless coward.

Rosa: The Cecil I know would never whimper like this! The Cecil I love...

Rosa: You leave for Mist early tomorrow, right?

Cecil: Don't worry. Kain's coming, too.

Cecil: I'll be fine. Trust me.

Rosa: Please come back safe, okay?

(Rosa leaves)

Cecil: Thanks, Rosa...

(scene fades)

(Baron Castle 1F)

Kain: So, are you ready for some real combat?

Cecil: Always.

Kain: Lead the way.

(Cecil and Kain leave castle)


"And so, the dark knight Cecil was stripped of his command as captain of the Red Wings. He and the master dragoon Kain head towards the dark valley for the village Mist.

The advent of the airship marked the realization of Baron's dreams, but also the birth of its militarism.

With its Royal Air Force "Red Wings," Baron soon reigned supreme. Now, as monsters multiply and stir unrest, Baron only exploits its power to collect the world's Crystals. Why?

The Crystals shed their light silently..."

(end prologue)

*(Baron Castle)

*Baron Soldier: The king forbids you from entering the castle until you have delivered the Bomb Ring to Mist Village.

*Baron Soldier: The king forbids you from entering the castle until you have delivered the Bomb Ring to Mist Village.


*Kid: That's cool-lookin' armor. Hey, aren't you... DARK KNIGHT! HEEELP!

*Old Man: The king is gravely mistaken in ordering his men to master the dark sword.

*Man: You wish to go to the Mist valley? You must head to the cavern northwest of Baron.

*Woman: Beware of the mist!

*Dancer: No, I didn't say anything about the king! Really! Wait, I'll show you something neat. (dances)

*Old Woman: That building over yonder...on the west side? Oh yeah...It leads to an old waterway that goes all the way to the castle. But I reckon it's always locked.

*(Rosa's house)

*Rosa's Mother: I hear the king and you boys are up to no good these days. Whatever it is you're all doing, keep Rosa out of it, you hear?

*(fire): AAAH!

*(Cid's house)

*Cid's daughter: Cecil, please tell Dad to stop pulling all-nighters. He's been so confrontational lately he doesn't listen to me. He's been arguing a lot with some of the townspeople, too, because they're always badmouthing the king and the soldiers.

*Cid: Zzz...I did it!

*(bookshelf): Birds of the World

*(bookshelf): The History of Shipbuilding

*(bookshelf): Principles of Buoyancy

*(fire): AAAH!


*Innkeeper: It's 50 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*Girl: Hey, are you a bad guy? You look like a bad guy?

*Notice: Dancers Wanted! Looking for cute, talented dancers! -Innkeeper

*Woman: Sir Cecil of the Red Wings! I-I've done nothing wrong! I've paid my taxes!

*Barkeeper: W-welcome, sir. Please order anything you'd like, free of charge, of course.

*(Item Shop)

*Woman: If you're journeying far, you mustn't forget to bring Potions, Antidotes, and Tents along.

*(Devil's Road)

*Baron Soldier: The Devil's Road leads to Mysidia, but it has remianed closed since the Mysidians sealed their end. Baron once actively traded with Mysidia via this path. The stairs lead to the training room.

*(Upon stepping on path entrance): The path is sealed and cannot be used.

*(Training Room)

*Baron Soldier: If your inventory becomes full, go talk to Fat Chocobo in a Chocobo Forest. He will hold onto your stuff for you. Use a Gysahl when the smell of chocobo is in the air.

*Baron Soldier: To escape from battle, press the R1 and L1 buttons simultaneously. You can cast some spells on multiple targets. During battle, press the left directional button to target all enemies or the right directional button to target all allies. When casting magic outside of battle, press the left button or the right button to target all allies.

*Baron Soldier: The man next to you is Namingway. Talk to him if you want to change your name.

*Baron Soldier: Move characters with low vitalities to the Back Row. Press the left directional button during battle to switch between front and back rows, and press the right directional button to Parry. To use a weapon in your inventory during battle, select Item and press the up directional button until the Weapon Menu appears. You can wield different weapons and replenish arrows by choosing them in this menu.

*Old Man: you must make quick decisions in battle! Slow down the battle speed if you're still a beginner. If you select "Active" Battle Mode in the Config Menu, monsters will attack even while you are choosing items or magic.

*Baron Soldier: Caverns have save points. Use them wisely.

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*(Chocobo Forest)

*(white chocobo): White Chocobo, gotcha! (heals MP)

*(yellow chocobo): Chocobo, giddyup! (ride chocobo)

*"I smell chocobo in the air."
*(use Gysahl)
*"Enter Fat Chocobo!"
*Fat Chocobo: Yeaaah...?
*(use Whistle)
*Fat Chocobo: Huff-Huff-Heave-Heave
*(Feed): Giiive...
*(if full): Stuuuffed...
*(Barf): Taaake...
*(if full): Dispooose...

(Mist Cave)


Cecil: Who's there!? Show yourself!


Kain: Could that be the Beast of Mist Valley?


Kain: Who are you!?


Kain: Confident bastard, aren't you?

"YOU REFUSE?" (Yes/No)
*(No): (steps back)
(Yes): Cecil: We have to go to Mist Village. We're not going back.


Kain: The mist is gathering!

(battle against Mist D.)

(in battle)
"Dragon turned into mist"
"Attacking mist is futile"
"Attacking causes Cold Mist"
"Attack when dragon appears"
"Returning to dragon form"


(upon entering Mist)

Cecil: The ring's glowing!

Kain: My god!

Cecil: ...This is it? This is why he sent us!?

Kain: The entire village in flames...

Cecil: WHY!!!

"Nooo! Mommy!"

Cecil: !?

Girl: My mom's dragon died, so my mom also...

Cecil: What!?

Kain: People with the power to summon monsters--the summoners... They really exist.

Cecil: Then...her mother died because we killed the dragon.

Girl: You killed my mom's dragon!!?

Cecil: We didn't know. I'm...I'm sorry.

Kain: So this is the king's annihilate every summoner in this village. ...I'm afraid we have to take care of her, too.

Cecil: WHAT!?

Kain: I know, but it's the king's orders.

Cecil: Kain! She's just a child!

Kain: you intend to defy the king?

Cecil: I refuse to continue this slaughter in the king's name!

Kain: Damn...I was afraid you'd say that. Well, I can't kill you, so I might as well join you.

Cecil: Kain.

Kain: I owe the king so much, but I can't disgrace the dragoons. Not on my life.

Cecil: I guess we're both traitors hereon.

Kain: Opposing the mightiest kingdom in the land...We'll need allies to survive. We have to rescue Rosa somehow, too.

Cecil: Thanks, Kain.

Kain: Save it. I'm not doing it for you.


Kain: We'd better get going. What should we do about that girl?

Cecil: We can't leave her.

Cecil: It's alright. We're not going to hurt you. Come with us, okay?

Girl: No!

Kain: Come on! We have to go now!

Girl: No! Stay away!!

Cecil: Wait!

Girl: I hate you!! You killed my mom!!

Girl: Go awaaay!!
(summons Titan and ends battle)

Cecil: She's safe. Thank goodness. !!

Cecil: Kain?

Cecil: Kain!

Cecil: I hope he's safe... I have to get her out of here.

(enters world map)

*(Water Cavern before seeing Rosa)

*Old Man: What the hell are you doing here!? This cavern is swarming with monsters! Return to Kaipo!


(upon entering Kaipo)

Cecil: I have to find her a place to rest.

(enters Inn)

Innkeeper: Welcome. Oh, is she hurt!? Take her inside! No charge, just go ahead!

Cecil: Thank you.

Cecil: Hey. Are you okay?

Girl: ...

Cecil: My name is Cecil. What's yours?

Girl: ...

Cecil: ...I'm sorry about your mom. I understand if you can't forgive me. Will you at least let me protect you?

Girl: ...

(Baron soldiers enter)

General: Cecil! Finally I've found you.

Girl: !

Cecil: Wait! The king--

General: I am here on the king's orders. All summoners of Mist must be annihilated. Now hand over the girl.

Girl: !!

Cecil: No.

General: Kill him.

(battle against General and Soldiers)

(in battle)
General: Attack!

Girl: Are you okay?

Cecil: Yeah. Don't worry. I won't let anyone hurt you.

Girl: You promise?

Cecil: I promise.

Girl: ...I'm Rydia.

Cecil: Rydia...

"Summoner Rydia joined the party"


"All set!"


*Man: Some damsel from Baron passed out on the outskirts of town. She was taken to someone's house to rest.

*Man: This is Kaipo, also known as the Damcyan Desert Oasis.

*Boy: I heard there's a big monster with eight arms in the Water Cavern.

*Woman: Anna found the man of her dreams, but the sage Tellah didn't approve, so she ran away.

*Woman: If you're gonna travel with that little girl, you should move her over to the Back Row.

*Man: Damcyan is north of here; it rules over the entire desert. People say the prince of Damcyan has a lovely voice, like a siren's. He sounds a sissy, if you ask me.

*Dancer: I wanna go to Damcyan, but ther are too many monsters in the Water Cavern. Hey, check out this dance. (dances)

*(Kaipo Inn)

*Innkeeper: It's 50 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*Old Woman: I can't believe Anna ran away. She and her father, the sage Tellah, are very close.

*Scholar: I'm a traveling scholar. I wanna go to Fabul, which is east of Damcyan, but some old man at the Water Cavern won't let me though.

*Man: I really wanna go to the Antlion Cave east of Damcyan, but only the royals can go there.

*Barmaid: Well hello. We rarely have visitors, these days, what with all the monsters running around.

*Poster: Quench your thirst with Kaipo Punch!

*(Kaipo Armor Shop)

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

(Kaipo House)

*Old Woman: We found a girl from Baron unconscious just outside of town. The poor thing's been afflicted with desert fever. She keeps muttering to herself... "Cecil, Cecil."

*(fire): AAAH!

Cecil: Rosa!

Cecil: Rosa...

Rosa: ... ... Cecil... ...

*Old Man: To cure desert fever, you need a rare jewel called the Sand Ruby. It can only be found in a cave where the ferocious antlions dwell.

*(bookshelf): Cure for Desert Fever: Sand Ruby

(Watern Cavern)

Old Man: Could that be...the dark sword--indeed! Dark knight, I need your assistance!

Cecil: What's wrong?

Old Man: I must get to Damcyan to reclaim my daughter, who was deceived by a WICKED BARD!! We must hurry, for I sense an ill omen!

Cecil: You must be the sage Tellah.

Tellah: Indeed I am. That girl! She is a summoner! Perfect! She can help, too! A giant monster lurks in the underground lake ahead. The devil even withstands my magic. Together, I think we can defeat it, and then I can finally be on my way!

Cecil: We're heading to Damcyan as well.

Tellah: Then let us hurry!

"Sage Tellah joined the party"

(upon reaching save point)

*(Save info)

*"Inside this field, you can use a Tent or a Cabin and Save your game."

*(Memo): Save temporarily onto the console. Remember to save onto MEMORY CARD before turning off the power.
*Overwrite this data? (Yes/No)
*(Yes): Saved temporarily as Memo data. hard reset or turning off the power will erase it.

*(Slot 1): Standard MEMORY CARD save.
*(Slot 2): Standard MEMORY CARD save.
*Checking save data. Do not remove MEMORY CARD or Controllers.
*Overwrite this data? (Yes/No)
*(Yes): Now Saving. Please do now remove MEMORY CARD.
*Data saved.

*(SaveInfo): Save system tutorial.
*Chocobo: Shall I explain the save system? (Yes/No)
*(No) :No? Menu. . .
*(Yes): There are two ways to save your game:
*You can save onto a MEMORY CARD, or you can save directly onto the PlayStation console.
*To save, access the Save Screen.
*To save instantly and return to your game, select "Memo."
*Saving your game is very important.
*Just remember:
*Hitting the RESET button <hard reset> or turning off the power will erase the Memo data.
*Unless you saved onto a MEMORY CAD, too, your efforts will be wasted.
*Soft reset is different from hard reset.
*To perform soft reset, press the START, SELECT, L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons simultaneously, and it will take you to the Title Screen.
*Soft resetting or being defeated in battle will not erase the Memo data.
*Saving onto the MEMORY CARD will automatically update the saved Memo data.
*Always remember to save your game onto a MEMORY CARD before quitting.
*You got it?
*Class dismissed!

*(end save info)

Tellah: We'll rest here.

Tellah: This magic field repels all monsters. You can Save and use a Tent or a Cabin in here. Let's rest in my Tent and prepare for the coming battle.

Tellah: Fast asleep. She must have been very tired. where is her home?

Cecil: Mist Village.

Tellah: She seems very gifted. With proper training, she'll be able to master many spells. Look at her. She looks adorable...reminds me of Anna, years ago.

Cecil: Anna is...

Tellah: My only daughter. She eloped with a bard to Damcyan, because I didn't consent to their union.

Tellah: What business have you in Damcyan?

Cecil: A friend of mine suffers from desert fever.

Tellah: You need the Sand Ruby. Acquiring it won't be easy.

Cecil: Tell me more about this monster we must face.

Tellah: A vicious creature with eight huge tentacles. We must kill it quickly and reach Damcyan before it's too late.

Cecil: Too late for what?

Tellah: I don't know. I only pray my instincts are wrong...

(in the morning)

"All set!"

(before reaching exit)

Tellah: This leads outside. The monster lies in the cave beyond. Use a Tent outside if you must.

(upon entering Waterfall area)

Tellah: He's down there!

Tellah: There he is!

Tellah: WATCH OUT!

(battle against Octomamm)
Tellah: Excellent! He's weakening!

Tellah: Come now! Damcyan is beyond this waterfall!

(exit Water Cavern and sees Red Wings attacking Damcyan)

*(Damcyan 1F)

*Soldier: ...

*Soldier: ...

*Soldier: They took...the Crystal...

*Soldier: The bombardment was too much.

*(Damcyan 2F)

*Soldier: ...

*Soldier: ...

*Soldier: The healing pots...upstairs...I must...

*Soldier: The bombardment was too much.

*(Damcyan treasure room)

*Soldier: eyes. Who goes there? Don't let them...get the treas...

(Damycan 3F)

Tellah: !? Anna!!

(Edward enters)

Tellah: You! You're that bard!!

(autobattle with Tellah against Bard)
Bard: No! Wait!
Tellah: DIE!
Bard: P-Please! Listen!
Tellah: SHUT UP!
Bard: Forgive me! Please!
Tellah: Take this !!
Anna: Father! Stop!
(end battle)

Tellah: Anna!

Anna: Father, Edward is...the prince of Damcyan. Forgive me, Father, for running away...but I love Edward. Still I knew I couldn't find happiness...without your consent. I was going to come home, but...

Edward: Baron's Red Wings, led by Golbez, blitzed us.

Cecil: I've never heard of Golbez. Who is he?

Edward: I don't know. His powers were beyond words.

Cecil: But why did they attack Damcyan?

Edward: They wanted the Crystal, and they spared no one to get it. My mother, my father... Anna shielded me from their arrows...

Tellah: You love him that much...?

Anna: Father...forgive me. Edward...I love you...

Edward: Anna!!

Tellah: Anna!? Anna!!

Tellah: Golbez is dead!! DEAD!!

Edward: Anna! Anna, open your eyes. Anna, please! Don't leave me!

Tellah: SHUT UP! Crying won't bring her back!!

Cecil: Tellah, wait!

Tellah: I will kill Golbez! I don't need you! I don't need anyone!!

"Tellah left the party"

(Tellah leaves)

Edward: Anna!!! <Snivel-snivel!>

Rydia: Stop crying!

Rydia: You're a grown-up! Grown-ups don't cry! I lost my mom...but I'm not gonna cry anymore.

Cecil: Rydia...

Edward: I don't care. Leave me alone! I'm staying here with Anna. I will never leave her side.

Cecil: That's enough! you're now the rightful ruler of Damcyan, so start acting like it! You owe it to your people, and most of all, you owe it to Anna. King of Damcyan, my name is Cecil, and I need your help.

Edward: Huh?

Cecil: My friend is suffering from desert fever in Kaipo. I need to get the Sand Ruby to save her. Can you help me?

Edward: ...What is her name?

Cecil: Rosa.

Edward: Rosa...she is very dear to you, yes? Like Anna was to me...

Edward: You can find the Sand Ruby in the Antlion Cave, which lies to the east. The ruby forms from the fluid that the antlion secretes when it lays eggs. We must cross the shallows with our hovercraft to reach the cave. After we acquire the Sand Ruby, we can cross the shallows to reach Kaipo.

Edward: Let's get going.

Cecil: Thank you.

Edward: Oh, and please don't call me a "king."

"Prince Edward joined the party"

(party leaves, Edwards comes back)

Edward: Goodbye, Anna...

(party gains hovercraft and travels to Antlion Cave)

*(Damcyan Castle 3F after attack)

*Old man: I think I'll withdraw to Kaipo. I should be able to get there easily from the shallows to the west.

*Old woman: I had planned to head across Mt. Hobs to Fabul, but the trail was blocked by thick ice.

*(Healing pot): HP restored and status effects removed

*(Healing pot): MP restored

*(Mt. Hobs)

*(path): The trail is blocked by ice.

(Antlion's Nest)

Edward: This is where the antlion lays its eggs.

(Antlion appears)

Rydia: AAAH!

Edward: It's okay. Antlions are quite tame. They don't attack people. Here, I'll demonstrate by getting the Sand Ruby.

(Antlion attacks)

Edward: Uwaah!

Cecil: Let's go, Rydia!

Rydia: Yeah. Let's get him.

(battle against Antlion)

"Received SandRuby"

Edward: How could this happen? They've always been so harmless.

Cecil: Monsters are rapidly multiplying these days, and their behavior is changing as well. I just don't know why...

Rydia: Come on! Let's go help Rosa!

Cecil: Yeah.

(Kaipo House)

Cecil: Rosa!

(uses SandRuby)

"Exposed Rosa to Sand Ruby light"

Rosa: ...Oh.

Rosa: Cecil. You're alive!

Cecil: How do you feel?

Rosa: I'm fine. I thought I had lost you. Weren't you in Mist when the earthquake struck?

Cecil: Yeah. I'm sorry I worried you... Rosa, who is Golbez?

Rosa: He's the new captain of the Red Wings, appointed by the king himself. The king has not been himself lately. I believe Golbez is manipulating him to collect the Crystals for himself. With Mysidia's Water Crystal in hand, he'll surely go after the other three--the Fire Crystal of Damcyan, the Wind Crystal of Fabul, and the Earth Crystal of Troia.

Edward: The Fire Crystal has already fallen into his hands.

Cecil: Edward is the prince of Damcyan. And Rydia is a summoner of Mist. I couldn't have gotten the Sand Ruby to cure your fever without their help.

Rydia: Hi.

Rosa: Hello, Rydia. Thank you both so much. Cecil, after Damcyan, thier next target must be Fabul. We must--ugh!

Cecil: You have to rest now. Don't worry. We'll go to Fabul.

Edward: But to reach Fabul, we must traverse Mt. Hobs, and the trail is blocked by thick ice.

Rosa: Rydia, can you cast Fire?

Rydia: ...No.

Rosa: Fire is the most elementary of black magic spells. As a summoner, I'm sure you can--ugh!

Cecil: Rosa, stop! You're definitely not coming with us...Not in this condition.

Rosa: I'll be alright, really. As a white mage, I promise I won't be a burden.

Edward: Cecil...Rosa only wishes to be with you.

Cecil: ...Alright. We'll go together. Make sure you get a lot of rest tonight.

Rosa: Cecil...Thank you.

"White Mage Rosa joined the party"

(screen fades)

"That night..."

Edward: ...

(plays harp)

Edward: Anna, I miss you so much...

(monster appears)

Edward: Uwaah!

(battle against WaterHag)
Edward. A-Anna!
Anna: You must fight, Edward.
Anna: Believe in yourself.
Edward: Anna...
WaterHag: Gurrgh!
(end battle)

Edward: Anna! This can't be true! This is a dream.

Anna: Yes, it is, and now you must go on. Goodbye Edward.

Edward: NO! Don't go! I love you! Please, Anna! Don't go!

Anna: You must not let Golbez have the Crystals. Fight for your people, Edward, and give them the same love you shared with me.

Edward: Anna...I'll fight. I'll fight for you! But what am I to do without...I don't know.

(screen fades, morning)

"All set!"

*(Kaipo House)

*Old man: It was a short while, but you were beginning to feel like a daughter to me... Come by anytime.

*Old woman: you must be Cecil. Please take good care of her.

(Mt. Hobs)

Rosa: Rydia, can you try chanting the Fire spell?

Rydia: ...

Edward: Rydia, what is the matter?

Rosa: Give it a try. I know you can do it.

Rydia: ...No.

Rosa: ?

Rydia: I...I hate fire.

Cecil: That's right... Her village was destroyed by fire when...

Rosa: Rydia... You're the only one who can melt this ice.

Rydia: ...

Rosa: If we can't get through here to Fabul, more people will be in danger. Please, Rydia.

Edward: Rydia, you've helped me. You've helped Cecil and Rosa. You have the power to help many more people.

Cecil: ...

Rydia: ... ... ...

Rydia: Fire!

(casts Fire and removes ice)

"Rydia learned Fire1"

Edward: Rydia, you're incredible!

Rydia: Tee hee.

Rosa: I knew you could do it!

Cecil: Thank you, Rydia.

(Mt. Hobs Summit)

Cecil: What's going on?

Edward: That garb... He's one of Fabul's monks. I'm sure of it.

Monk: Kiai!

(fights off monsters)

Monk: Kiai!


Edward: Good grief! A BOMB!

Rydia: Let's help him!

(battle against Mom Bomb)

Monk: You have my gratitude. Yang is my name. I am the high monk of Fabul. I came here to train with my men. Now they are all dead--killed by a swarm of beasts. And they were Fabul's finest.

Cecil: My name is Cecil. We bring urgent news to Fabul.

Rosa: A villain named Golbez abuses Baron's authority to seize the world's Crystals.

Yang: Then he covets our Wind Crystal as well.

Edward: There is no doubt. He easily seized Damcyan's Crystal a few days ago.

Yang: ...The odds are against us. The only monks left in the castle are students. They stand little chance against Baron's forces.

Rosa: Golbez must've sent the monsters that wiped out your men.

Yang: ...Then the attack is imminent. I must go.

Cecil: We will follow you to Fabul. We would like to help.

Yang: I am grateful; however, this does not concern you.

Cecil: But it does.

Edward: I am the prince of Damcyan.

Cecil: Rosa and I are citizens of Baron, and this girl is one of many victims of our kingdom's recent attacks...which I have personally led.

Rydia: ...

Yang: I see...I humbly accept your assistance.

Cecil: Let's go. We haven't much time.

Yang: Fabul lies to the east of these mountains.

"High Monk Yang joined the party"

*(Fabul outside)

*Monk: Master Yang! The king wishes to see you.

*Monk: Master Yang! The knig wishes to see you.

*Monk: Master Yang! The knig wishes to see you.

*Monk: Master Yang! The knig wishes to see you.

*(Fabul 1F)

*Monk: Your men were annihilated, Master!?

*Monk: Your men were annihilated, Master!?

*(Fabul Inn)

*Innkeeper: It's 100 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*(Fabul 2F)

*Monk: Welcome home, Master.

*Monk: Welcome home, Master.

*(Fabul East Tower)

*Monk: I heard there was some trouble at Mt. Hobs.

*Monk: I heard there was some trouble at Mt. Hobs.

*Monk: Master! I wasn't sleeping! I-I was meditating.

*(Fabul East Tower 2F)

*Woman: We'll be safe as long as we stay in the castle.

*Boy: Master Yang! I hear there's bad guys coming. So you're gonna kick some butt, right?

*Barkeep: Master, how did the training go?

*Dancer: You wanna see my dance? (Yes/No)
*(No): You big tease!
*(Yes): (turns into monk and dances)
*Cecil: What the--
*Dancer/Monk: Kiai!
*Dancer/Monk: Kiai!
*Dance/Monk: Kiai!
*(turns back into dancer)

*(Fabul East Tower 3F)

*Old woman: This is the king's quarters.

*(bed): Let's sleep in the king's bed! (rests)

*(Fabul West Tower 2F)

*White Mage: This ward is ready for anything.

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*(Fabul West Tower 3F)

*Woman: Where have you been? Off loafin', I'll bet!

*Yang: This is my wife. Cecil and his companions came to my aid on Mt. Hobs.

*Yang's Wife: Well that was mighty kind of y'all. Hey, hon, ain't you got someplace to be? I heard the king's awaitin' ya.

(Fabul Throne Room)

King: Yang, at last.

Yang: Sire, we must prepare for battle. Baron will attack us any second to steal our Crystal.

King: How do you know this?

Yang: These two are citizens of Baron. They came to warn us.

King: And these others?

Cecil: Sir, we haven't much time. The castle's defense must be tightened immediately.

King: Yang, can we trust this dark knight and his companions?

Yang: Yes. They risked their lives to help me.

Edward: I am honored to see you again.

King: Prince Edward!

Edward: Sire, Baron's fleet decimated Damcyan and claimed our Crystal not long ago. Many died, including my parents...And my beloved. Damcyan's tragedy must not be repeated!

King: Forgive me for my suspicions. Yang, mobilize the men for battle. Prince Edward, dark knight, will you help us defend Fabul? (Yes/No)
*(No): FF Director: CUT! Cut! Cut!

(Yes): Yang: They have already offered to help, sire. We will join the forward guards by the main gate.

King: Very well. Will the ladies assist our medic?

Rosa: Yes, sire.

King: Fabul's fate rests in your hands. May we be victorious.

Yang: We will assemble at the main gate

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil: Rydia, take care of Rosa for me.

(group leaves for main gate)

(Fabul main gate)


Yang: Attack!

(battle againts Captain, Fighter x2)
Captain: Charge!

Monk: "RED WINGS!"

(Red Wings attack castle)

Cecil: We can't hold them!

Yang: Retreat!

(group retreats into castle)

Yang: We are severely outnumbered. I regret involving you all.

Cecil: This is our war, too...and it's far from over.

Edward: They're coming!!

(battle against Weeper, Imp Cap., WaterHag)

Yang: Fall back!

(group retreats further into castle)

Cecil: The king is behind us. We must hold them here.

Yang: He has already retreated. We can withdraw into the throne room if the need arises.

(montser appears)

Yang: Crush them!

(battle against Captain, Fighter x2)
Captain: Charge!

(more monsters appear)

Edward: Let's get out of here!

Yang: !

(group retreats to throne room)

Yang: The door has been locked. We must hold this ground. The Crystal is in the next chamber.

(Monk unlocks door)

"Unlocked the door"

Edward: OH MY GOSH!

Yang: You fool! What are you doing!?

Edward: H-He's one of them!

(monk turns into monster)

(battle against Gargoyle)

(monsters appear)

(battle against Weeper, Imp Cap., WaterHag)

Yang: This is endless. Withdraw to the Crystal Room.

(group heads towards Crystal Room, Edward falls and more monsters appear)

Edward: Uwaah!

Cecil: Edward!

(battle against Captain, Fighterx2)
Captain: Charge!

(group retreats to Crystal Room)

(Kain appears)

Kain: It's been a while.

Cecil: Kain! You're alive!

Cecil: We'll talk later. For now, fight with us.

Kain: Of course. Three-on-one or one-on-one, your choice.

Cecil: Wh...?

Kain: One-on-one it is.

Cecil: Kain! Wait!!

Kain: En garde!

(battle against Dragoon)
Cecil: WHY!?
Kain: Save your breath.
Cecil: Kain!
Kain: Heh heh.
Kain: This is it, Cecil.
(battle ends, Cecil falls)

Kain: Have you any final words?

Cecil:'re under Golbez's spell...

Kain: Alright. Time to put you out of your misery.

Yang: Stop!


(Rosa and Rydia appear)

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: Kain, you of all people...

Kain: No, I...

"Befuddled by a woman? You pitiful wretch."

(Golbex appears)

Edward: Golbez!

Cecil: So you're Golbez.

Golbez: Cecil, I presume? Never hesitate to kill, Kain. Observe. This is how it's done!

Edward: Cecil!

Golbez: Silence!

(Golbez attacks Yang and Edward with bolt of energy)

Golbez: Get the Crystal.

Kain: Yes, sire.

Rosa: Kain, please! Help, Cecil!

Cecil: Rosa, no!

Golbez: So , you cherish this woman? Then I shall take her with me to raise the stakes. Until next time.

(Golbez takes Rosaand leaves, Kain takes Crystal)

Kain: You won't be so lucky next time.

(Kain leaves)

Cecil: Rosa...

Cecil: ...

Rydia: Cure!

(Rydia casts Cure, Yang, Edward and Cecil stand)

Rydia: Are you okay?

Edward: Thanks, Rydia.

Yang: The Crystal is gone...I failed.

Cecil: Rosa...

Rydia: Come on! We have to go help Rosa!

Edward: She's right. This is no time to get depressed. We must rescue Rosa and retake the Crystals.

Yang: Cecil. It is our turn to assist you. For now, let us heal our wounds.

Cecil: Thank you.

(group is free to roam the castle)

*(Fabul throne room)

*Chancellor: The king rests in his quarters. He suffered injuries during the attack.

*(Fabul 2F)

*Monk: Please leave the security to us and get some rest at the inn.

*Monk: Please leave the security to us and get some rest at the inn.

*(Fabul West Tower 2F)

*White Mage: If only my magic were as powerful as Lady Rosa's...

*Monk: How is Baron controlling all those monsters?

*Monk: How is Baron controlling all those monsters?

*Monk: Golbez will pay for this!

*Monk: Golbex will pay for this!

*(Fabul West Tower 3F)

*Yang's Wife: Oh, hon. Y'alright?

*Yang: I am fine, thanks to their help.

*Yang's Wife: Y'all're like Yang's guardian angels.

*Yang: You are alright?

*Yang's Wife: Yeah, and I betcha those Baron bozos ain't never comin' back; 'cause I gave 'em one helluva beatin' with my fryin' pan.

*(Fabul East Tower 1F)

*Monk: If we had even one airship, we could've put up a better fight.

*Monk: If we had even one airship, we could've put up a better fight.

*(Fabul East Tower 2F)

*Boy: Atchaa! I can't wait to start training.

*Woman: Good thing our homes are within these walls, or else we could've lost everything in all that bombing.

*Barkeep: that was one hell of an attack.

*(Fabul East Tower 3F)

*Old woman: The king used to be a famous monk. He'll be fine.

*King: Fabul has suffered much. We must regroup and protect the people. Do not worry about me. Retire to the inn and get your rest.

*(Fabul 1F)

*Monk: If only we were stronger...

*Monk: If only we were stronger...

*(Fabul outside)

*Monk: I believe you should rest before you depart.

*Monk: I believe you should rest before you depart.

*Monk: I believe you should rest before you depart.

*Monk: I believe you should rest before you depart.

*Monk: I believe you should rest before you depart.

(Fabul Inn)

Innkeeper: Master Yang, please let me know if you need anything.

Edward: So, how will we go about the rescue?

Cecil: To fight Golbez, we need an airship. But Baron is the only kingdom that has them.

Yang: Then we must sneak into Baron and seize one.

Cecil: Baron's main force is the Red Wings; its sea power is relatively weak. We might be able to slip in by sea.

Yang: I will ask the king for a ship tomorrow morning. If all goes well, we could leave port before noon.

Cecil: Thank you, Yang.

Yang: Who was that dragoon?

Cecil: His name is Kain. He used to be my best friend. I don't know what happened to him...

Yang: Perhaps you will have your answer in Baron.

(group rests)

(scene changes to King's room)

King: I see. I will arrange for a ship right away. Yang, accompany Cecil and help him with the rescue. Cecil, take this sword. It belonged to a dark knight who came to Fabul many years ago. The sword exudes tremendous force, but it is still a weapon of darkness. Darkness can never prevail over true evil.

"Received Death"

King: Go to the harbor to the east as soon as you are prepared. A ship shall await you there.

King: Golbez must be stopped. If he acquires all the Crystals, the world will suffer an unprecedented crisis.

*King (2nd time): Go to the harbor to the east as soon as you are prepared. A ship shall await you there.

*(Fabul 2F)

*Monk: Many vessels have been shipwrecked lately, but the cause has yet to be determined.

*Monk: Many vessels have been shipwrecked lately, but the cause has yet to be determined.

*(Fabul 1F)

*Monk: The sailors have been spreading rather strange rumors...Something about a sea god being angry.

*(Fabul outside)

*Monk: We will guard Fabul with our lives.

*Monk: We will guard Fabul with our lives.

*Monk: We will guard Fabul with our lives.

*Monk: We will guard Fabul with our lives.

(Fabul harbor)

Yang's Wife: Break a leg, hon, and bring back some gifts for a change!

Yang's Wife: Keep your chin up, Cecil! You'll get her back in no time!

Cecil: Thank you.

Yang: I trust you will look after everything.

Yang's Wife: You bet. Take care. Love ya.

(group boards ship)

Cap'n: Cecil, I reckon. I heard you beat the hell out of those Baron lovelies. Sit back, mate, and enjoy the ride.

Cap'n: Anchors aweigh!

Crew: Aye-aye, Cap'n!

(ship sets sail)

Yang: What will you do once we arrive at Baron?

Cecil: I have to see Cid; he's Baron's chief airship engineer. I'm certain he will help us.

Edward: ...

Rydia: Why are you shaking? Are you cold?

Edward: No. I'm fine.

(ship starts shaking as it sails towards Baron)

Cecil: What's going on!?

(Leviatan appears next to ship)

Sailor: Shiver me timbers!

Sailor: Holy mackerel!

Sailor: the lord of the sea!

Sailor: Is that really...

Cap'n: Leviatan!

(Leviatan surfaces)

Cap'n: Change course!

(Rydia falls overboard)

Rydia: AAAH!

Yang: Rydia!

(Yang dives overboard)

Cecil: Rydia!! Yang!!

(ship shakes, Edward falls)

Edward: Uwaah!

Cecil: Edward!

(ship falls into Leviatan's whirlpool, scene fades)

(scene changes to Cecil, alone on a beach)

Cecil: ... ... Oh...

Cecil: Where am I...?

Cecil: Rydia!

Cecil: Edward!

Cecil: Yang!

Cecil: What happened to them...?

(screen changes to world map, by Mysidia)

*(Mt. Ordeals)

*(fire): The trail is blocked by fire.


*Black Mage: Murderer! Take this! Toad!(casts Toad)

*White Mage: The Devil's Road has warped dimensions. Supposedly, one must sacrifice much vitality to cross it.

*Black Mage: I have nothing to say to the likes of you.

*White Mage: Blankety-blank! You're back! Go away! (jumps into trees)

*White Mage: Why do people kill each other...?

*Black Mage: The Devil's Road, which leads all the way to Baron, is inside this building. We sealed the road after Baron attacked us.

*White Mage: Hi. I was just wondering if you knew how much we've suffered because of you. Good day.

*Black Mage: You have the gall to come here!?

*(Mysidia armor shop)

*Black Mage: What do you want!? More weapons to butcher our people!?

*(Mysidia Inn)

*Black Mage: Piss off! <Hiccup> I ain't afraid of ya!

*White Mage: You monster! Release our people!

*Black Mage: Please, don't kill me! I have five kids to feed!

*Black Mage Barkeep: My, you look exhausted. Here, drink this. (poisons group)
*Cecil: Ugh!
*Black Mage Barkeep: Hee hee! Die, you stupid knight!

*Dancer: Hey! Watch this! (dances)
*Cecil: I'm getting sleepy.
*(screen fades, Cecil wakes up in field behind Inn, now a Pig)
*Old woman: <Ptui-ptui!> Curse you and all of Baron!

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*(poster): Baron shall burn in hell!

*White Mage Innkeeper: It's 200 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

(Mysidia House of Prayer)

*Black Mage: We are all born innocent, yet many evil souls pervade the land today.

*Black Mage: The elder said we should forgive and forget your terrible acts...but I cannot.

*White Mage: You are in the House of Prayer. You may talk to the elder, if you wish.

*(bookshelf): The Cure Spell

*(bookshelf): Black Magic Encyclopedia

*(bookshelf): Fire, Earth, Water, Wind: Origin of All

Elder: Knight of Baron...What do you want this time?

Cecil: My name is Cecil. ...I can't begin to ask you to forgive me for what I've done.

Elder: Apologies will not bring the dead back to life.

Cecil: ...

Elder: have mourned and suffered as we have... You are not the mindless killer you once were. What brings you here.

Cecil: A sorcerer named Golbez now commands Baron's forces, and took my friend captive. While en route to Baron to rescue her, my companions and I were attacked by Leviatan. I was shipwrecked here, and I don't know what's become of the others.

Elder: I sense your trials are just beginning. But while you depend upon the dark sword, you cannot overcome true evil. Moreover, you might be consumed by its darkness someday. If you wish to fight evil with righteousness, go to Mt. Ordeals, which lies to the east of Mysidia.

Cecil: But my comrades...

Elder: There is a time gor everything. First, you must climb Mt. Ordeals and renounce this evil sword for a holy sword. Only then can you receive light and become a holy knight-- a paladin. Many have ventured to Ordeals to become a paladin, but none have ever returned. Will you risk your life as well and go to Ordeals.

Cecil: Yes.

Elder: You face heavy odds by going alone. I will assign two mages to accompany you. Palom! Porom!

(Palom, Porom enter)

Girl: You called for us?

Elder: Where is Palom?

Girl: Palom! Come out this minute!

(Palom materializes next to Cecil)

Boy: Man, I can't believe I'm helping this bastard. Be grateful that Mysidia's prodigy Palom will accompany you!

Cecil: ...These are the mages you spoke of?

Elder: Yes, Porom and her twin brother, Palom. They are still students, but I am certain they will be of great help.

Palom: That'll be a thousand Gil per hour for my services, starting now.

Elder: Palom! Consider this a part of your training.

Porom: My name is Porom. I'm pleased to meet you, sir.

Porom: Palom! You must greet him!

Palom: S'up, dude.

"Black Mage Palom and White Mage Porom joined the party"

Elder: Now go to Mt. Ordeals. Palom, Porom, do everything in your power to help Cecil.

*Black Mage: I will trust you if you can become a paladin.

*White Mage: You must give your all to receive the holy light.

*Black Mage: A paladin is the antithesis of a dark knight.


*White Mage: Mt. Ordeals lies to the east.

*Black Mage: Whether anyone can receive the holy light to become a paladin remains to be seen.

*Black Mage: With a dark sword, you don't stand a chance against the undead swarming Mt. Ordeals.

*White Mage: Blankety-blank! You wanna become a paladin? No way.

*White Mage: You must overcome the trials of Ordeals and renounce your dark knighthood.

*Black Mage: You, become a paladin!? Ha!

*(Mysidia armor shop)

*Black Mage: Tough luck. You can't use most of the weapons here unless you are a paladin.

*(Mysidia Inn)

*Black Mage: You, a paladin!? BWAHAHA! <Hiccup!>

*White Mage: Don't trust him, Porom. He's nothing but a cold-blooded killer.

*Black Mage: Please, don't kill me! I have six kids to-- What, you're going to Mt. Ordeals?

*Black Mage Barkeep: You, a paladin? Hmph. Not a chance.

(Mt. Ordeals)

Porom: Well, what are you waiting for?

Palom: Yeah, yeah, keep your hair on.

Palom: Ice!

(casts Ice on flames and extinguishes them)

Palom: Too easy.

(Porom smacks Palom)


Porom: Palom! The elder taught us not to submit to arrogance!

Porom: Please forgive him for his antics.


(screen shifts to Golbez's lair)

Golbez: Milon, come forth!

(Milon appears)

Milon: Milon of Earth, at your command.

Golbez: Cecil aspires to too much. He ascends Mt. Ordeals as we speak. I shall clip his wings now.

Milon: So he desires to become a paladin...

Golbez: Dispose of him beforehand. His dark sword should be all but useless against your undead.

Milon: I shall return with his head shortly.

(Milon disappears)

Golbez: This should be interesting.

Kain: Cecil might still prove quite a formidable opponent.

Golbez: You dare question my judgment?

Kain: No, sire!

Golbez: Milon is one of the Four Fiends of Elements. He will not fail. Rosa will bear witness as well.

Kain: Sire, please grant me a second chance! Allow me the task of slaying him instead of Milon!

Golbez: Just be grateful I let you live after that blunder.

Kain: ...

Rosa: Cecil...

(scene shifts back to Mt. Ordeals)

(Mt. Ordeals-Elev. 3)

(Tellah appears ahead of the group)

Cecil: Tellah!

Tellah: Cecil!

Tellah: What brings you here? Wait, you seek Meteo as well?

Porom: Meteo!?

Palom: Hey! You're Tellah, right?

Porom: Palom, behave yourself! You stand before the Great Sage!

Porom: It is an honor to meet you, sir. We came here from Mysidia under the orders of our elder.

Palom: Yeah, we're spying--

(Porom smacks Palom)


Porom: Excuse me. As I was saying, we're just serving as guides for Sir Cecil. My name is Porom, and that's--

Palom: Palom, Mysidia's most exalted mage! I've heard a lot about you even in my neck of the woods.

Tellah: What noisy brats... Cecil, where are Rydia and Edward?

Cecil: We were attacked by Leviatan on our way to Baron, and...

Tellah: What!? Are they dead?

Cecil: ...I'm afraid so. And Rosa was captured by Golbez.

Palom: I'll be that's his girlfriend.

Porom: Hush!

Cecil: I thought you'd headed straight to Baron to confront Golbez.

Tellah: Against the likes of Golbez, my spells still lack power. So I've traveled here to seek the legendary spell, Meteo. I sense a strong aura on this mountain. I believe it holds some secret.

Porom: But that spell is much too dangerous! It requires tremendous vitality, and for a man of your age... Forgive me.

Tellah: I admit, I am old. But I will make Golbez pay, even if it costs my life!

Palom: Geez. Why are adults so pigheaded?

Porom: You don't understand because you're still a kid! Now hush!

Tellah: Cecil, you have yet to answer me. Why did you come here?

Cecil: I cam here in hopes of becoming a paladin. I cannot defeat Golbez with the dark sword...and I have longed to renounce this hateful thing.

Palom: Who's Golbez?

Porom: Don't you know anything? He's the man controlling Baron.

Tellah: Not just an ordinary man, but a powerful sorcerer, brimming with evil!

Tellah: So, you've come here to become a paladin? Then, this mountain must hold some secret, just as I suspected. I shall accompany you.

"Sage Tellah joined the party"

(Mt. Ordeals Summit)


Porom: Palom, stop that!

Palom: What!? I didn't do anything!

(further ahead)


Porom: Palom!

Palom: It wasn't me!

(further ahead)


Tellah: I sense evil nearby.

"I will enjoy killing you all."

Cecil: Who's there!? Show yourself!

(Milon appears)

Milon: Under Master Golbez's orders, I, Milon of Earth, will deliver you to the gates of hell. But first--my undead hunger for your flesh!

(battle against Milon and Ghasts)
Milon: Tear them apart!
Milon: What's happening to me!!?

(as the party crosses the bridge)

"Bshrr...Fools. My true strength lies in death. Join me in hell!"

(battle against Milon Z.)
Milon Z.: This is my true form. Die!
Milon Z.: Join my undead legions!

Milon: H-How could I possibly lose to...?

Milon: See you in hell!

(Milon falls from bridge)

(as party reachs structure at peak)

"My son..."

Cecil: Son...?

(group enters structure)

"Through much sorrow have I longed for your coming. I shall now entrust you with my power. By doing so, my pain will only grow. But there is no other way."

(sword appears and floats to Cecil's hand, changing him into a paladin)

"Break from your past and overcome your darkness. Only then will you receive the holy power."

(Another Dark Knight Cecil walks through mirrored wall)

Tellah: !?

Palom: What's goin' on!?

Porom: There are two of them!

(Dark Knight walks towards Cecil)

Tellah: Cecil!

Palom: Geez!

Porom: Look out!

Cecil: Stay back! This is my battle, to atone for my wrongs.

(battle against D.Knight)
"A true paladin..."
"...will sheathe his sword."
"Some fight for law."
"Some fight for justice."
"What will you fight for?"

"Well done. Now receive my spirit of light, and remember: Golbez must be stopped. Farewell, my son."

Cecil: Please, wait!

"Cecil became a paladin"

Porom: Are you alright?

Palom: Dude, look at you! High five!

Porom: Palom!

Cecil: This feeling... I can't explain it. It familiar. What was that voice?

Tellah: Oh... OH, YES!

Porom: Master Tellah?

Tellah: My spells! I remember them now!!

"Tellah remembered all of his spells"

Tellah: !? Me... Meteo? That light! Somehow it broke the seal upon Meteo!

"Tellah learned Meteo"

Porom: My goodness.

Palom: Hey, Porom...

Porom: Um...

Palom: To tell you the truth, we--

Tellah: Golbez is doomed!! Huah ha ha!

Tellah: Come, Cecil! to Baron!

Cecil: ...

Cecil: I still don't understand. That light... It called me "my son"... And why did it mention Golbez?

(Tellah leaves)

Palom: Hey, wait up!

(Palom leaves)

Porom: Are you ready to go?

Cecil: ...Yeah.

(Porom and Cecil leave)


*Black Mage: No way! How the heck did you...!?

*Black Mage: Wh--how did YOU become a paladin!?

*White Mage: You must conduct yourself like a paladin now.

*White Mage: Blankety-blank! That form... Have you become a paladin? Wow...

*Black Mage: I still can't find it in my heart to forgive you.

*White Mage: I shall pray for you hereon.

*(Mysidia armor shop)

*Black Mage: I told you, you can't use the weapons here until you become...a paladin? How...?

*(Mysidia Inn)

*Black Mage: <Hiccup!> Damn, I've had too much. I could've sworn I just saw a paladin...

*White Mage: What splendor... So this is the light of a paladin?

*Black Mage: Wow, you look magnificent!

*Black Mage Barkeep: I'll be damned. You did it.

(Mysidia House of Prayer)

*Black Mage: So, you have become a paladin. I suppose it was your destiny.

*Black Mage: Hereafter, you have my complete trust.

*White Mage: Imagine! Freed from darkness, you now shine as brilliant as the sun!

Elder: Unbelievable! You've succeeded!

Porom: Sir Cecil fought brilliantly.

Palom: I'll say. He passed with flying colors.

Cecil: What?

Elder: Forgive me. I assigned them to spy on you. As it turned out, there was no need for it. Palom, Porom, good work.

Palom: Hey, no hard feelings, alright?

Porom: I'm sorry.

Cecil: It's okay. You did the right thing, considering all I've done.

Elder: But now, you are a paladin and... That sword! Where did you get it?

Cecil: On Mt. Ordeals.

Elder: The inscription on this sword matces a passage from Mysidian legend.

Cecil: Legend?

(Mysidian Legend)

"One born of a dragon,
bearing darkness and light,
shall rise to the heavens
over the still land.
Bathing the moon in eternal
light, he brings a promise
to Mother Earth with bounty
and grace."

Cecil: The light at Ordeals called me "son." What was that light?

Elder: I don't know, nor do I know what the legend means. But we Mysidians, for generations, are told of this legend and to believe in the one with the sacred light. And I believe you just might be that one.

Tellah: Enough talk! We must go defeat Golbez!

Elder: Tellah?

Tellah: It's been a while.

Porom: We met him on Mt. Ordeals.

Palom: And guess what? The old man learned Meteo.

Elder: What!? Meteo, the legendary spell, unsealed? What is happening to this world...?

Tellah: I couldn't care less as long as I avenge Anna!

Elder: Your daughter Anna?

Tellah: Golbez took her life. I swear I'll crush him with my Meteo!

Elder: Tellah, you should not fight with hatred. Besides, you are in no condition to use Meteo.

Tellah: If I die, so be it! I will kill Golbez at any cost!

Elder: ...Still stubborn as a mule, I see.

Tellah: And you still have a big mouth!

Elder: Nevertheless, with your spells and Cecil's newfound power, you might be able to defeat Golbez.

Cecil: In any case, we must return to Baron to commander an airship first.

Elder: Very well. I will have the Devil's Road opened. As a paladin, I am certain you can safely travel the bedeviled path. Well, I will retire to the Tower of Worship now. Cecil, Tellah, I pray for your success.

Cecil: Thank you.

Elder: Palom, Porom, return to your studies.

Porom: Elder, please allow us to accompany him.

Palom: You're the one who told us to help him.

Elder: ...You have both overcome the trials of Ordeals to return alive. Perhaps this is your fate. Please look after them.

Cecil: But...

Palom: Hey, you got a problem?

Porom: I'm sure we can still be of assistance.

Tellah: They're annoying runts, but we could use their help.

Cecil: Alight. I'm counting on you all.

Palom: Yeaaah, baby!

Porom: Palom, this is not some picnic!

Elder: The entrance to the Devil's Road lies on the east side of town. Palom, Porom, train well and return safely. Good luck to you all.

(Elder leaves, party is free to roam)

*(Mysidia Tower of Worship)

*Elder: I believe you hold the key to our fate. All I can do is pray.

*Black Mage: The elder often prays here ever since that incident.

*White Mage: We pray for all souls.

(party uses Devil's Road to travel to Baron)


*Old man: I believe the king has gone mad!

*Man: Do not defy the king or you'll end up like Cid.

*Woman: I saw a strange monk with the soldiers at the inn.

*Boy: I wonder if that dark knight really died. I kinda liked him.

*Dancer: I haven't been able to dance lately. New rules.

*(Rosa's house)

*Rosa's Mother: Where's Rosa!? She left Baron to find you!

*(Cid's house)

*Cid's daughter: Cecil, you're alive! Have you seen my father? He hasn't returned from the castle for the longest time!

(Baron Inn)

*Girl: Scary soldiers are always here, so not many people come here anymore.

*Woman: The soldiers are so rowdy and do whatever they like!

*Barkeep: I hear the king confined Cid in the castle as punishment for hiding the newest airship.

*Baron Guard: Where's my drink!? What are you lookin' at !?

*Baron Guard: Where's my drink!? What are you lookin' at!?

Cecil: Yang!

Yang: ?

Cecil: It's me, Cecil!

Yang: Cecil... Baron's knight turned traitor. Seize him!

Guard: Yes, sir!

(battle against Guards)

Cecil: Yang! What's wrong!?

Yang: You insolent wretch!

(battle against Monk)
Monk: Die!
Monk: Kiai!
Monk: Ugh...
(end battle)

Yang: Cecil! What just happened? After Leviatan attacked us...I cannot remember anything.

Tellah: Obviously, you suffered a slight case of amnesia and were being used by Baron.

Cecil: Do you know what happened to Rydia and Edward?

Yang: Rydia was swallowed by Leviatan. I don't know what happened to Edward.

Cecil: I see.

Yang: Where are we?

Cecil: Baron. Let's get a room to discuss everything.

"High Monk Yang joined the party"

Innkeeper: Thanks for taking care of those soldiers. You're more than welcome to spend the night here.

Cecil: Yang, this is Tellah. His daughter and Edward--

Tellah: My daughter loved him enough to sacrifice her life for him.

Yang: I am sorry for your loss. I am Yang, of Fabul.

Palom: Ahem! I am Palom, of Mysidia... Heh heh, pretty good impersonation, huh?

Porom: Please don't mind him. I'm his twin sister, Porom.

Palom: Hey, that kick really hurt! How could you let them play you like that?

Porom: Palom! Apologize!

Yang: No, he is right. Forgive my actions.

Cecil: Well, first things first. We have to find Cid.

Tellah: Sneaking into the castle won't be easy.

Yang: Hm? What is this?

Cecil: This is the Baron Key! Of course! They must've given it to you when they gave you command of those guards. With this key, I believe we'll be able to find Cid.

"Received BaronKey"


*Man: The great fire killed everyone--the women and children, the skilled summoners.

*Man: Rumor has it that a mighty summon rests beneath Baron. Supposedly, it can kill with a single blow.

*Man: It's so desolate...

*Old man: The creatures called by summoners come from the Land of Summons, which exists deep under the ground.

*(Mist Inn)

*Innkeeper: It's 50 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

(group sneaks into Castle Baron through Baron Waterway)

*(Castle Baron)

*Baron Soldier: Leave at once!

*Baron Soldier: Leave at once!

(Castle Baron 1F)


Baigan: Good of you to return.

Cecil: Baigan.

Baigan: Is something the matter?

Cecil: You serve Golbez as well?

Baigan: Never! As captain of the Royal Guard, my loyalty lies with Baron.

Cecil: Where is Cid? I heard he was confined somewhere in the castle.

Baigan: I, too, have attempted to find him, but my men and I were ambushed. Now, I remain the sole survivor.

Cecil: Then let us find him together.

Baigan: It would be an honor to join you.

"Captain Baigan of the Royal Guard joined the party."

(group moves towards the throne room, Palom and Porom stay behind)

Cecil: What is it?

Palom: Something's wrong.

Porom: Yes. I sense danger. A monster?

Baigain: What!?

Palom: Oh, give me a break.

Porom: What shameful acting!

Cecil: Baigan, you also betray Baron!?

Baigan: Golbez's wishes are Baron's wishes. He granted a wonderful power to me. Observe!

(battle against Baigan)

Palom: Scrap Metal! Nothin' to it!

Cecil: Even Baigan, who seemed so loyal...

*(Castle Baron B1F)

*(upon attempting to go further down): "Sealed by an invisible force."

(Baron Castle Throne Room)

King: Cecil!? You ingrate! How dare you renounce the dark sword without my authority!?

Cecil: ...How dare YOU renounce your duty to your people, "Your Majesty"!

King: Your who? Oh, you must mean the old duffer who refused to surrender this kingdom. Kahaha. I must say I've enjoyed impersonating him.

Cecil: What have you done with the king!?

King: You'll see him soon enough. Oh, and give my regards to Milon when you see him in hell. That weakling never deserved to be one of the Four Fiends of Elements.

Cecil: !?

(King changes into Cagnazzo)

King: Behold! I am the Devil of Water, Cagnazzo!

(battle against Cagnazzo)
"Tsunami warning!"
"Bolt broke the barrier!"
"Turtle defense!"

(after Cagnazzo is defeated)

"You swine!"

(Cid enters)

Cid: Lockin' me up in that stink hole! I'm gonna knock your teeth in! ...Eh?

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: Cecil? Doggone, I thought you croaked! Where's my beloved Rosa!? She ran after you, convinced that you were still alive.

Cecil: Golbez took her...

Cid: WHAT!? You bumblin' pinhead!! Curse that Golbez! First my airship, and now Rosa!

Tellah: Cut your jabber and lead us to your airship!

Cid: Who is this old fart?

Tellah: You bug-eyed stinker!

Cid: Ahh, go get your walker, y' fossil!

Porom: Please, this is not the time. Sir, this is the great sage, Master Tellah.

Porom: Master Yang, the high monk of Fabul. And I'm Porom, from Mysidia.

Palom: Oh man, oh man... We've got another geezer aboard.

Porom: Thart repulsive brat is my twin brother, Palom.

Palom: Your goody-two-shoes attitude is gettin' old.

Yang: Pleased to meet you.

Cid: Well, ain't you a mannerly fella.

Cecil: Cid, where is your new airship?

Cid: Heh heh heh. where nobody would suspect.

Cid: Wait 'til you see my beloved! She's my finest work yet!

Tellah: How about today!? Before Rosa's killed!

Cid: Ahh, go shave your ears! Doggone... Follow me!

(Cid leads group out of throne room and into passage way)

"Kahahahaha... You have defeated me... but you have not heard the last of Cagnazzo. Now join me in the nether world!"

(walls start closing in on group)

Tellah: The walls!

Cid: It's locked!

Tellah: Same here!

Cecil: Palom! Porom!

Palom: ...We got no choice.

Porom: We would've followed you forever, Cecil.

Tellah: What!?

Palom: It's been fun, Cecil.

Porom: Thank you.

Palom: Ready?

Porom: Yeah.

Cecil: NOOO!

Palon & Porom: Stone!

(Palom and Porom cast Stone and turn themselves to stone to stop walls)

Cecil: Palom!! Porom!!

Tellah: Hold on! Esuna! (Tellah casts Esuna)

"The spell has no effect, as the twins have become stone of their own will."

Tellah: You fools!! I'm an old man; it should have been me!

Yang: Forgive me, Palom, Porom.

Tellah: I shall avenge you both... Do you hear me!? I shall avenge you!!

Cid: Time for some payback! To the Enterprise!

Cecil: Why...? Golbez...!


(screen shifts to Golbez's lair)

Golbez: He defeated Cagnazzo. His power continues to grow.

Kain: Sire, regarding the last Crystal--

Golbez: I know. That place remains a problem.

Kain: Then, by all means, let's have Cecil get it for us.

Golbez: Hmm...

Kain: I'm certain he will comply; after all, we have Rosa. We can exchange her for the last Crystal.

Golbez: A primitive idea, but it just might work. And I will destroy him at the time of exchange.

Kain: I shall go to convey your terms to him.

Rosa: Kain!

Kain: Rosa, you'll see soon enough that I am superior to Cecil.

(screen shifts back to Baron Castle 1F)

Cecil: I never knew about this.

Cid It's been here all along.

(Cid opens up secret passage to airship dock)

Yang: Amazing...

Cid: Ain't she a beauty? Let's go, Enterprise!

(Enterprise takes off from under Baron)

Cid: Battle stations! Time to unleash the power of the Enterprise!

Cecil: Wait!

Yang: What is that?

Tellah: It's a white flag.

(Red Wings airship flies alongside the Enterprise)

Cecil: Kain!

Kain: Heh! That drag suits you well.

Cid: Kain! You little maggot!

Cecil: Where's Rosa!?

Kain: If you want her back, bring me the Earth Crystal.

Cecil: The Crystal in Troia?

Tellah: You shameless dog!

Kain: We'll make the trade once you get the Crystal. Remember, Rosa's life depends on it.

Yang: You call yourself a knight!?

Cecil: Snap out of it, Kain! Please!

Kain: I've said my piece.

(Red Wings airship flies away)

Yang: Cecil.

Cid: That dirty scumbag...

Cecil: Cid, set a course Troia.

(Enterprise is free to roam world)

*(Castle Baron)

*Baron soldier: Perhaps we were being manipulated, too.

*Baron soldier: I can't believe a monster was impersonating the king.

*Engineer: Yeow! Is that you, Boss!? Damn! For a second there, I thought you were a ghost.

*Engineer: Boss! You're alive!

*(Castle Baron 1F)

*Baron soldier: I heard the late king's voice echoing from below. Could it be some curse?

*Baron soldier: Golbez commanded only monsters--no humans among his followers.

*Baron soldier: What tragedy...

*(Castle Baron White Magic Lab)

*White Mage: I pray that the king might rest in peace.

*White Mage: We will support the soldiers with our white magic.

*White Mage: How could a monster impersonate the king...?

*(Castle Baron Black Magic Lab)

*Black Mage: Piggy! !? Shoot! (casts Mini on group) Darn, that was Mini.

*Black Mage: How could you not see through that phony?

*Black Mage: So, Meteo exists after all!

*(Castle Baron 2F)

*Baron Guard: We will guard Baron with our lives, sir.

*Baron Guard: I should have acted sooner to stop the king.

*Baron soldier: On our honor, we the dragoons will protect the castle.

*Baron soldier: I failed to protect the king. I cannot face Master Kain.

*Baron soldier: We must avenge the king!

*Baron soldier: Sir Cecil for king!

*(Throne Room passage)

*(if Soft is used on Palom or Porom): "The spell has no effect, as the twins have become stone of their own will."

*(Castle Baron Throne Room)

*Baron Guard: Never again shall monsters rule over this castle!

*Baron Guard: Never again shall monsters rule over this castle!

*(Castle Baron Dungeon)

*Baron Soldier: I hope we don't have to imprison people anymore.

*(Castle Baron Red Wings barracks)

*Baron Soldier: Captain!? I didn't recognize you!

*Baron Soldier: It's good to see you again, Captain!

*Baron Soldier: Please become our next king.

*Baron Soldier: If only we had airships!

*Baron Soldier: Golbez took the Red Wings!

*(Castle Baron B2F)


*Cecil: Your Majesty!?

*(King appears)

*King: Go to the Land of Summons and return here. I shall grant you a gift.

*Cecil: Your Majesty!

*(King disappears)


*Man: Sir Cecil! Please avenge the king!

*Old man: You're no longer a dark knight? Good for you.

*Woman: What will become of Baron now? The king left no heir.

*Boy: So are you gonna go beat up Golbez now?

*Dancer: Wow, you look so good now! You used to be so glum as a dark knight. (dances with Cecil)

*(Cid's House)

*Cid's daughter: Dad!! I was worried sick! Everyone, I know he's a handful, but please look after him.

*(Devil's Road)

*Baron soldier: It appears the Mysidians have removed the seal.

*(Baron Inn)

*Girl: You don't look scary anymore. You look like a good guy.

*Woman: Thanks to you, sir, the people look much livelier. Okay, time to work!

*Barkeeper: Sir Cecil, how about a drink? It's on me.

*(Fabul outside)

*Monk: Greetings, sir.

*Monk: Greetings, sir.

*Monk: Greetings, sir.

*Monk: Greetings, sir.

*(Fabul 1F)

*Monk: Welcome back.

*Monk: Welcome back.

*(Fabul 2F)

*Monk: I'm happy to see you safe and sound, sir.

*Monk: I'm happy to see you safe and sound, sir.

*(Fabul East Tower 1F)

*Monk: I will pray for your safety.

*Monk: I will pray for your safety.

*(Mysidia Tower of Worship)

*Elder: ...I see. Palom...Porom... I am so proud of them.

*(Mythril Village)

*Pig: Mr. Frog, Mr. Little, and I work together to gather, refine, and process mythril to make lots of stuff.

*Little: Wow, a human visitor. Please don't step on me, okay?

*Frog: Mythril Mountain lies far to the north. Well, not so far for you guys.

*Frog: I can't imagine how much you spend on food.

*Little: Hoity-toity! Giants!

*Little: S'up, G!

*Frog: Yo-yo-yo!

*Pig: Who you? Who we? We da Mithra Brothas! Yo, hit it! (Pig, Frog, and Little dance) Yeah,

*(Mythril Village Inn)

*Pig Innkeeper: It's 500 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*Little: Having a beautiful daughter isn't easy, I tell you. Protecting her from all the frogs and pigs...

*Little: I'm the prettiest girl in this village! You don't look convinced. Come on, look closely.

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.


*Man: This is Agart. The people here all share the same lineage. Our ancestors were dwarves.

*Woman: According to a famous saying, there are two sides to everything--even to this world.

*Girl: I'm strong! My grandpa's grandpa's grandpa was really strong, too!

*Man: Behind this door lies a sacred well that has been here for generations. Its depth remains unknown.

*(well): Cecil: It sure looks deep.

*Old woman: We cannot live without the blessing of the sun, although our ancestors might disagree.

*Old man: What? You wanna know how our ancestors came here? Well, it's a funny story...Um... Dern! I forgot!

*Boy: Maybe I'm short because my ancestors were dwarves.

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*(Agart Observatory)

*Woman: My husband is a real swot.

*Scholar: Welcome to Corio Observatory. We carry perhaps the best telescope in the world. We've recently noticed some anomalous activity on the moon.

*(bookshelf): The Romantic Night Sky

*(bookshelf): Constellations

*(bookshelf): Phases of the Moons

*(Agart Observatory Telescope Room)

*Scholar: Hello there. My name's Corio. I'm studying the two moons, and, boy, it's been weird. One of them has no sign of life or activity, but the other one... Looks like it has traces of life. On top of that, it's slowly turning red. I'm getting bad vibes from just looking at it.

*(looking through telescope shows view of moon)

*(Agart Inn)

*Innkeeper: It's 50 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*Man: I saw some red thing get sucked into the mountain crater the other day.

*Man: Supposedly, our ancestors came from the other world. Their world also has a sun, called magma.

*Woman: It's so peaceful here in Agart. Though we do have earthquakes at times.

*Boy: My grandma is the oldest person in the village.

*Girl: Without dark, there exists no light. After daytime comes nighttime. the providence of nature. People called ancestors said this.

*Old man: I hear our ancestors came from the mountain to the north, out of the crater. The crater's sealed now. You can't get there anyway, without an airship.

*Old woman: According to ancient lore, we must return the sun's will to our homeland to unfold the path to our origin.

*Dancer: Do you wanna see an unusual dance? I'm told it originated from the other world. (dances)


*Woman: Trees and water abound in Troia

*Old man: Shoo! Go find your own place!

*Old woman: Where is that old codger?

*Woman lying down: ... Go away! Can't you see I'm sunbathing!

*Man: I took a silver strongbox to the northeast cavern, and it got stuck to the ground, so I had to leave it behind.

*Woman in water: Oh, you wanna join us?

*Woman in water: Oh, for pete's sake, go put on some trunks!

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*Girl: Have you heard of the Twin Harp? With it, I heard you can transmit your voice really far.

*(Troia Inn)

*Innkeeper: It's 400 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*(Black Chocobo Farm)


*Man: Thanks to the ample supply of water here, we can grow fresh vegetables and even raise chocobos.

*(bookshelf): Chocobo Physiology

*(Black Chocobo Farm basement)

*(poster): New Breed of Chocobo Discovered! Black Chocobos! Troia News

*Girl: Chocobos are cute, but they smell a little.

*Man: These black chocobos can't fly for some reason. But the ones living in the northern Chocobo Village can fly at a low altitude, though I hear they can only land in the forest.

*Boy: I wanna ride a black chocobo and fly.

*Woman: Black chocobos can remember the way home. But they tend to run away after making a round trip.

*Black Chocobo x7: Kheh, kweh.

*(Troia Pub)

*Woman: The air's good, the food's good, I love this place.

*Old man: Live a long life, I say. I'll take this place over heaven any day.

*Man: The ladies here always look damn good.

*Man: Yeah! I finally got to sit at the counter.

*Man: STELLAAA! I LOVE YOUUU! Gah! Why does this <expletive> always happen to me...?

*Woman: Wow! Like, you're kinda cute, y'know? Like, you kinda look like royalty.

*Old woman: Come, come. I'll take good care of you. WHAT, you have a problem!?

Woman Barkeep: Give me a holler if ya want something

*Man: May I see your Pass, please? (uses Pass) Thank you. Please enjoy. (opens door)

*(Troia Pub Court of Kings)

*Old man: Haven't you got better things to do than hang out here?

*Woman: EEEK! Get outta here, you pervert! This is the dressing room!

*Man behind counter: Enjoy the show. (Nine dancers appear and dance, then grab character and push them onto throne, then leave one by one)

*(Troia Pub 2F)

*Man: I hope you carry a fat wallet, mister. It's all high rollers from here on, if you know what I mean.

*Old woman: Shoo! You don't belong here.

*(fire): AAAH!

*Woman: Bring me a fur coat next time.

*Man: Sure. I'll buy you anything.

*Man: If that nasty geezer messes with my Jenny, I'm gonna...!

*Woman: Oh yeah, I have to go pick the food.

*(fire): AAAH!

*Old man: ...and lo! I thrust my blade into the imp and struck it down!

*Woman: This geezer just keeps babbling about all his stupid adventures--BOR-RING!

(Troia Castle)

*Soldier: Welcome to Troia Castle.

*Soldier: Please make yourselves at home.

*Soldier: The clerics are solemn servants of the gods. Honor them and conduct yourselves properly, understood?

*Soldier: You wish to know about the Crystal? Speak to the clerics inside the castle.

*(Troia Castle 1F)

*Soldier: Troia has never been at war.

*Soldier: A Damcyan man drifted into Troia somehow. He claims he's a prince.

*Soldier: Unlike most kingdoms, Troia is governed by women.

*Soldier: I hope Baron won't attack us.

*Old woman: the clerics are convening in the chamber behind me.

*Female Guard: I am a guard, not a dancer! The castle guards are all women.

*Female Guard: This armor lacks strength, but affords excellent mobility, not to mention fashion appeal.

(Troia Castle infirmary)

*Soldier: Please keep your voice down. We have a sick man resting.

(upon seeing Edward in bed)

Cecil: Edward!

Edward: Cecil...? You look so radiant. I wish to join you again.

Tellah: Hmph! You'll only burden us!

Edward: Tellah... I can't begin to ask for your forgiveness. Anna died because of me.

Tellah: ...

Edward: I can never atone for that.

Yang: Edward, think only of your health for now.

Edward: Yang... So, we all survived. Where is Rydia?

Yang: ...

Edward: No!! She didn't!? ...I feel so worthless...

Cid: The air's sure gettin' heavy. C'mon, get your hearts up! We can rise above anything with my Enterprise!

Edward: You must be Cid, the airship engineer... Wait, that means you now command an airship.

Edward: Cecil, whatever became of Rosa!?

Cecil: Golbez proposed a trade: Troia's Crystal for Rosa's return. But the Crystal lies in the hands of the Dark Elf.

Edward: Dark Elf...

Edward: Cecil, pray take this.

Cecil: What is it?

Edward: ...My substitute.

"Received TwinHarp"

Edward: Cecil, please save Rosa.

*Man: We are attending to the prince around the clock. Me? I'm the nurse. She's the doctor.

*Woman: He requires much rest. He seems naturally frail, which explains his slow recovery.

*(harp): "Edward's harp"

*(Troia Castle B1F)

*Female Guard: This was once a dungeon, but it now houses Troia's treasures. Have the clerics granted you permission to enter? (Yes/No)
*(Yes): Don't lie to me!
*(if the Earth Crystal is recovered)
*Go right ahead.
*(No): My, you're honest.

*(Troia Castle 2F)

*Female Guard: Women make far more civilized rulers than men.

*Female Guard: The eight clerics are sisters.

*Cleric: We have governed Troia for years with the blessing of the Earth Crystal, but now...

*Cleric: The bleeping Dark Elf stole our Earth Crystal.

*Cleric: Equipping anything metallic inside the northeast cavern will hamper your movement.

*Cleric: We could consider lending the Earth Crystal to you if you can reclaim it.

*Cleric: If y'all be lookin' fer the Dark Elf, go to the cavern on the northeast island.

*Cleric: If you can recover the Crystal, we will allow you to borrow it. Please speak to us once you obtain it.

*Cleric: Without the Crystal, Troia might become a wasteland again!

*Cleric: The Dark Elf is weak against metallic weapons. To protect himself from them, he set up a magnetic field around the northeast cavern.

*(Chocobo Village)

*Black Chocobo, giddyup! (ride chocobo to Magnetic Cave)

(Magnetic Cave)

(upon entering)

Cid: What the hell's causin' this magnetic field!? Equipping anything metallic might tie us down!

Yang: Wielding my claws has no effect, it seems.

Tellah: Fear not! We stand invincible with my magic!

(Magnetic Cave Crystal Room)

Dark Elf: I comMEND your efFort. But your excurSION ends here. You will nevER get the crystAL. You canNOT deFEAT me with those weaPONS.

Yang: We shall see.

Tellah: Let me carry the weight.

(battle against Dark Elf)
*(if group hasn't talked to Edward)
*Dark Elf: Fool!
*(battle ends in game over)

(if group has talked to Edward)
Dark Elf: Can you withSTAND this?
Yang: We stand no chance.
Cecil: I need my sword.
Tellah: Ugh...

Cecil: If only I could use my sword...

(scene shifts to Troia Castle infirmary)

Edward: Cecil...

(Edward struggles out of bed towards his harp)

Doctor: Where are you going!? You're in no condition to move!

Edward: I'm alright. I just want to...get my harp to--ugh!

Doctor: Please! Return to your bed!

Edward: <Hack-hack!> ...I must help them.

(Edward continues towards harp and begins playing, scene shifts back to Magnetic Cave Crystal Room)

"The Twin Harp sounds the melody from Edward's harp"

Yang: ...?

Tellah: This melody...

Cecil: It's Edward!

Dark Elf: DAH! What is this torturOUS sound!?

Edward: He cannot control the field while I am playing! Now draw your sword!

Cecil: Alright!

*(if party tries to leave)
*"Sealed by the Dark Elf"

Dark Elf: You... GAAAH!

(battle against Dark Elf)
Dark Elf: Say your prayers!
(transforms into Dark D.)

Dark Elf: This canNOT be! With the crysTAl... my erterNAL life... GaaaAH!

(Dark Elf vanishes)

Cecil: Thank you, Edward.

"Received Earth"

*(Troia Castle infirmary)

*(upon seeing Edward)

*Cecil: Thank you.

*Cid: So how'd you manage to distract that magneto-head?

*Edward: I first heard that melody when I traveled as a minstrel. I learned it was a song to remonstrate elves. Quite frankly, I'm surprised it worked.

*Yang: We owe you our lives.

*Edward: No, I only--ugh!

*Cecil: Edward!

*Tellah: I have long wondered what Anna saw in a worm like you... Courage, rising from integrity... She was fortunate to recieve your love.

*Edward: ...

*Tellah: Now be silent and heal your wounds. I promise you I shall avenge Anna...for both of us.

*Edward: Thank you...

*Cecil: Edward, I look forward to fighting alongside you again.

*Edward: Please take care.

(Troia Castle 2F)

(upon entering)

Cleric: Oh, my goodness!

Clerics: The Earth Crystal, indeed! How the hell'd you...! Three cheers! BANZAI!

"It's about time, Cecil."

Cid: Who the hell!?

Cecil: Kain!

Kain: Bring the Crystal and board your ship. I'll take you to Rosa.

*Cleric: Who the heck was that!?

*Cleric: Please tell me that was your friend.

*Cleric: Dang! Jusrt when we got it back! You'd better bring it back!

*Cleric: The nature of the Crystal's power changes depending on the bearer. If it falls into the wrong hands, who knows what could happen to it.

*Cleric: Feel free to take the items in the underground storeroom.

*Cleric: You can borrow the Crystal. Be on your guard.

*Cleric: Whatever your circumstances, you may borrow the Crystal as promised.

*Cleric: What is going on!?

(upon taking off in Enterprise, Red Wings airship flies towards the airship)

Kain: Show me the Crystal.

Cecil: Here. Where's Rosa?

Kain: In the Tower of Zot. Follow me.

(Red Wings airship leads Enterprise off screen to the tower)

(Tower of Zot)

Cecil: Kain!

Cid: Come out!

Kain: Keep still! First, Master Golbez would like a word.

Tellah: Golbez!!

Golbez: Well done, Cecil. You have exceeded even my expectations.

Tellah: Wretch! Show yourself!

Golbez: Rosa stands beside me at the top of this tower. Bring the Crystal here, and we will make the trade.

Cecil: She had better be safe.

Golbez: You had best hurry... ...before she ends up dead.

(Tower of Zot 5F)

(girl appears in front of the exit)


(another girl appears)


(another girl appears)

Sisters: We the Magus Sisters welcome you. We serve Valvalis, Devil of Wind. Mindy! Sandy. Cindy. Thank you for playing and good night.

(battle against Magus Sisters)
Sandy: Ready, sis?
Cindy: Cast the spell, Mindy.
Mindy: Okie. Reflect it!
Sisters: Delta Attack!

Sisters: Oh poo! The Delta Attack failed! Nooo!

(girls vanish)

(Tower of Zot 6F)

Golbez: Welcome.

Tellah: At last!

Cecil: Where's Rosa!?

Golbez: The Crystal first.

Cid: She'd better be alright!

Golbez: Hand over the Crystal now or she dies.

Cecil: Take it.

"Handed over the Earth Crystal"

Cecil: Alright, where's Rosa?

Golbez: Rosa? There is no Rosa.

Cecil: What!?

Cid: You sick bastard!!

Tellah: Return her this minute!

Golbez: Ignorant dotard. Have you any idea with whom you are dealing?

Tellah: How could I ever forget the monster WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER!?

(Tellah charges towards Golbez)

Tellah: Vengeance will be mine!

(auto-battle against Golbez with just Tellah)
Golbez: Such feeble spells.
Golbez: A vain attempt at revenge.
Tellah: I must cast Meteo.
Cecil: No!!
Yang: It will destroy you!
Tellah: I have no choice.
Tellah: Witness my final power!
(casts Meteo)
Golbez: I-Impossible!
(Golbez is defeated, Tellah falls)

Golbez: Ugh... How could he know Meteo...?

Cecil: Tellah!

Golbez: It matters not. I have the Crystal. Kain.

Kain: ...

Golbez: The Meteo broke my spell over him. So be it; he no longer serves any purpose. Mark me, Cecil. Someday I will destroy you.

Cecil: !!

(Cecil tries to follow Golbez)

Golbez: Impudent fool!

(Golbez casts a lightning bolt at Cecil, knocking him down)

Golbez: ...!?

Cecil: Ugh... I can't...

Golbez: You...

Cecil: ?

Golbez: What is going--aagh!

Cecil: !?

Golbez: Next time, for certain.

(Golbez leaves)

Yang: Cecil.

Cid: Y'alright there?

Cecil: Yeah...Meteo must have weakened him. Tellah!

Tellah: ...I failed...

Cid: Keep still!

Tellah: I'm such a fool... I lost hatred. Avenge my daughter... for me... I beg you...

Cecil: Tellah!

Yang: !!

Tellah: ...

Cid: Get up, you old...

Tellah: ...

Yang: ...

Cid: ...I'll bet yer daughter's showerin' you with praises right now.

(Tellah disappears)

Cecil: Tellah, Anna... On my life... we will avenge you!

*(if Cecil checks any doors): "Locked"

(Cecil checks on Kain)

Cecil: Kain! Kain!

(Kain stands up)

Kain: Cecil... I... I don't know what to--

Cecil: It wasn't your fault. You were hypnotized.

Kain: But...I retained my consciousness. Rosa... I can't believe I...

Cecil: !! Where is she!?

Kain: Beyond these doors! We must hurry!

(Kain leads group through doors to where Rosa is being held)

Rosa: Cecil!

(Cecil grabs Rosa just before a blade falls on her)

Cecil: Rosa...

Rosa: I knew you'd come.

Cecil: I missed you... so much. And I realized... I...

Kain: ...

Cid: "I," what!? Spit it out!

Rosa: Kain!?

Cecil: He's okay now. Tellah's Meteo broke Golbez's spell.

Kain: But I was still aware. Yet... Rosa...I wanted to keep you close at any cost!

Rosa: Kain...

Kain: ...

Cecil: ...

Rosa: Let's fight together, Kain.

Kain: After all that I've done... It's too late.

Cecil: ...

Cid: Oy! Save the corny drama for later! We gotta scram!

Cecil: Let's go, Kain.

Kain: ...

Cecil: We need your help more than ever now.

Kain: Cecil... Rosa... Thank you.

"White Mage Rosa and Dragoon Kain joined the party"

*(if Cecil checks the blade): Cecil: That sure was close.

(when groups attempts to leave room)


"It seems Master Golbez has underestimated you."

Kain: The Devil of Wind, Valvalis!

Valvalis: You disappoint me, Kain. Submitting to a weak imbecile, despite all your powers.

Kain: I've simply come to my senses. I've grown sick of siding with freaks like you!

Valvalis: You snotty little wretch. I'll enjoy killing you all. With the old man and his Meteo gone, you have no chance.

Kain: You forget. Fighting in the air is my specialty, too.

(battle against Valvalis)
"Frontal attack ineffective"
"Strike with Jump attack"

Valvalis: It's not over... The last Devil of Elements still remains! Regardless, you'll never leave here alive!


(Valvalis vanishes, tower begins to shake)

Cecil: It's collapsing!

Kain: Dammit!

Cid: That bleeping broad!

Rosa: Hold on to me!

Rosa: Exit!

(Rosa casts Exit, and takes group back to Cecil's room in Baron Castle)

Cecil: What the... Is this...?

Rosa: Yes, it's your room in Baron.

Cid: Well,m I'll be jiggered!

Kain: Cecil, we still have our work cut out for us.

Cid: Is this about the Crystals?

Kain: Yeah.

Cecil: We've lost Troia's Earth Crystal to Golbez, which means he now holds all the Crystals.

Kain: Not quite. He only has four.

Rosa: You mean there are more?

Cid: Of course! So, the legends are true after all!

Kain: Right... The Dark Crystals.

Cid: Alright, listen up. The Crystals of this world are those of light--of the "surface," so to speak.

Cecil: So, there's a whole set of Dark Crystals as well.

Kain: Exactly. So you see, he only has half the Crystals.

Cid: Well, we now know they exist, but where the hell do we find'em?

Kain: They lie under the surface of the earth... in the underworld.

Cid: Underground!? you sure about this?

Kain: I overheard Golbez. He also said that when all of the Crystals of light and darkness are gathered, the path to the moon will open.

Cecil: Literally, a path to the moon?

Kain: I don't know. But this item's the key to unlocking it, supposedly.

"Received Magma"

Kain: You're supposed to use it somewhere to open the path to the underworld.

Yang: Where, exactly?

Kain: I wish I knew.

Cid: Ah, no worries. We'll just fly around the world on the Enterprise 'til we fins somethin'.

Cecil: But we lost the airship near the tower.

Cid: My beloved's equipped with auto-pilot. I'll bet she's flown back here already.

Rosa: Cid, what would we do without you?

Cid: Heh heh. Alright, let's rest up for our journey to the underworld.

Cecil: I still don't understand. What stopped Golbez from finishing me off at the tower?

Rosa: Cecil?

Cecil: Never mind. Let's get some rest.

(group rests)

"All set!"

*(Baron, Rosa's house)

*Rosa's Mother: Rosa! Oh, thank heavens!

*Rosa: I'm sorry, Mother

*Rosa's Mother. I never should've let you become a white mage...

*Rosa: I have no regrets at having become a white mage and fighting alongside a brave knight... you did with Father.

*Rosa's Mother: ...Cecil, please take care of her.

*(Troia Castle 2F)

*Cleric: Hell, if there are really more than four Crystals, we still have hope.

*Cleric: Geez...! Forget Troia! The entire planet's in danger!

*Cleric: The Crystals were assigned to the four kingdoms to avoid such a disaster.

*Cleric: One who gathers all the Crystals gains tremendous powers.

*Cleric: Ye lost our Crystal!? Well, get it back!

*Cleric: With this Golbez controlling all the Crystals, the entire world is at risk.

*Cleric: Really!? The Crystal was taken!? Oh no!

*Cleric: How could the Crystals fall into the wrong hands!

*(Troia Castle Infirmary)

*Edward: Tellah's...!? Nooo...Why...

*(Mysidia Tower of Worship)

*Elder: Tellah...So he fought with hatred after all... I pray he will rest in peace.


(drops Magma into well)

Cecil: What's going on!?

(ground shakes, crater opens up in mountains behind Agart)

(upon entering crater, Enterprise automatically flies south)

Cecil: !?

Kain: The Red Wings!

(Red Wings and tanks start fighting around Enterprise)

Yang: They have beaten us here.

Cecil: Who are they fighting?

Cid: I'm gonna bust through the line! Hang on!

(explosions rock Enterprise)

Cid: She's falling apart!!

Cecil: We're going down!

(screen fades to black)

Rosa: Cecil!

(Cecil regains consciousness, still aboard Enterprise)

Cecil: Rosa!

Cecil: Is everyone alright?

Cid: Yeah, but my baby took a helluva beating. She might go down any minute.

Cecil: Let's set her down.

(Enterprise lands near castle)

*(Dwarven Castle outside)

*Dwarf: Rally-ho!

*Dwarf: King Giott rules this castle.

*Dwarf: Go see King Giott.

*Dwarf: Golbez is evil! You, I don't know.

*(Dwarven Castle 1F)

*Luca: I'm Luca. My dolls disappeared. Have you seen them?

*Dwarf: Rally-ho is the dwarven greeting!

*Dwarf: Together, now! One, two, three. Rally-ho!

*Dwarf: Rally-ho!

*Dwarf: King Giott is waiting.

*Dwarf: Rally-ho, no! Important room!

*(Dwarven Castle 2F west)

*Dwarf: Dwarven items are mysterious. Too mysterious for humans?

*Dwarf: Rally-ho, no! Important room!

*Dwarf: Rally-ho, no! Important room!

*Dwarf Innkeeper: It's 600 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

(Dwarven Castle Throne Room)

King: Rally-ho. King Giott, ruler of the underworld.

Cecil: Thank you for welcoming us. My name is Cecil.

Giott: State your business.

Cecil: We've come in search of the Dark Crystals.

Giott: Like the others. But not on the same side.

Kain: Where are the Dark Crystals? Have they been taken?

Giott: They took two. Only two remain.

Yang: One step too late.

Giott: The castle's Crystal is still safe. Our tanks fought them off.

Rosa: Yes, we saw you tanks fighting against the airships on our way here.

Giott: Air-ships? The overworld makes incredible things... Hard battle for our tanks. Can you help us--with your air-ships?

Cid: We need to repair her first. The bombardment really busted her good.

Giott: We can help fix.

Cid: Ahh, she won't last in the heat of all this lave anyway. For now, I'm gonna make temporary fixes, then fly back up to the surface and gather me some mythril to armor her bettwe.

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: Just button up and relax. I'll be back in a jiffy!

Rosa: Be careful, Cid.

Cid: Heh heh. You're not fallin' for me are you, Rosa?

(Cid leaves)

"Cid left the party"

Cecil: King Giott, the Crystal in the castle--where is it?

Giott: In the safest place. Hidden behind my throne.

Yang: !

Cecil: Yang?

Yang: Someone is spying on us.

Giott: Come out!

(something moves behind the throne room wall)

Cecil: Perhaps it was your imagination.

Yang: I definitely sense a presence ahead.

Giott: Open the door!

Dwarf: Rally!

(dwarf opens secret door behind throne and group enters Crystal Room, only to be locked in)

Kain: It's locked!


Cecil: ?

Rosa: Dolls?

(four dolls stand in front of them and begin dancing)

Dolls: Guess who? Calbrinas! We're cute! And we're scary! Love to kill! Let's take their heads! Yeah-yeah! Gift for Golbez! Yip-ho-ho!

(battle against Cal and Brina)
(transforms into Calbrina)
"Power shortage! Disengage!"
(reverts to Cal and Brina)

Dolls: Owww! Big bully! But Golbez now knows! He's gonna getcha-getcha! Golbez!

(dolls vanish)

Cecil: !?

"Our paths cross again..."

(Golbez appears)

Cecil: Golbez!

Golbez: I commend you for finding your way to the underworld. To reward your efforts, I shall tell you why I am collecting the Crystals. the eight Crystals of light and dark are the keys to reactivating the Tower of Babil, which leads to the moon. Legends say the moon possesses power beyond our comprehension. I need only one more Crystal to realize my dream. You have been of great aid to my quest. Now prepare for you final reward!

(battle against Golbez)
Golbez: Heh heh heh...
Golbez: Such is your power?
Golbez: I expected more.
(Golbez casts Hold Gas and paralyzes whole party)
Golbez: Open your eyes...
Golbez: ...and taste true terror.
Golbez: Shadow, come forth!
(Shadow appears and kills off party members one by one, leaving Cecil for last)
Golbez: Farewell, Cecil.
(Mist Dragon appears and defeats Shadow)
Golbez: Dragon...?
Golbez: Shadow ...destroyed by mist?
"Y'okay? You can move now."
Cecil: That voice...
(Rydia appears and battle against Golbez begins for real)
Golbez: Im...possible...

(Golbez falls)

Cecil: We did it... We've defeated Golbez!

Rosa: Rydia...!

Cecil: What happened to you?

Rydia: Leviatan took me to the Land of the Summons. A world where all the summon monsters live. We became friends during my stay. I learned a lot there. I can't use white magic anymore, but I've grown stronger as a summoner. Time flows differently there, so maybe I've aged faster.

Rosa: That explains why you look all grown up.

Kain: Cecil, who is she?

Cecil: The girl we found in Mist.

Yang: Fortune favors us indeed.

Cecil: Rydia, we owe you our lives. Thank you.

Rydia: You don't have to thank me. The queen of the Land of Summons told me: A great force is secretly at work. We must confront it together.

"Summoner Rydia joined the party"

"I...cannot perish!"

(Golbez's body turns into a hand and takes the Crystal)

Cecil: The Crystal!

(screen changes back to Throne Room)

Cecil: Forgive me. Golbez has taken the Crystal.

Giott: One crystal left... We must protect.

Rosa: Yes. Where can we find it?

Giott: In the Sealed Cave to the southwest, where Golbez is now heading. Worry not. He cannot enter without the key. I have a request.

Cecil: Anything. After all, we lost your Crystal to Golbez.

Giott: Request you retrieve the seven Crystals at the Tower of Babil.

Yang: I presume it will be fortified...

Kain: Golbez's forces. It won't be easy.

Giott: My plan; Our tanks will distract them. You sneak in. You seize the Crystals. Now or never, before Golbez returns from the Sealed Cave.

Kain: What do you think?

Rydia: A large force might be waiting.

Rosa: It's a risk.

Yang: As they say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Kain: Like Giott said, now might be our only chance.

Cecil: Alright.

Cecil: We'll go to the tower to retake the Crystals.

Giott: Excellent! Exit is at the bottom of the castle, whenever you are ready. Good luck.

*(If Rydia uses Warp before leaving throne room, party warps back into Crystal Room, where they can take the Dark Crystal again. This is a glitch.)
*"Received Dark"

*(Dwarven Castle Throne Room)

*Giott: Excellent! Exit is at the bottom of the castlem, whenever you are ready. Good luck.

*Luca: How dare they use my dolls for something like that!

*Dwarf: The king loves Luca. So did the queen.

*Dwarf: We have tanks for defense! We won't lose so easily!

*Dwarf: Rally-ho! Got it?

*Dwarf: The underworld is a great place to live! Rally here with us!

*(Dwarven Castle West Tower 2F)

*Dwarf: You're fighting Golbez, too? Then, take this treasure!

*(Dwarven Castle West Tower 3F)

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*(Dwarven Castle 2F east)

*Dwarf: Dwarven weapons are heavy! Too heavy for humans!

*Dwarven armor is thick! Too thick for humans to move in!

*(Dwarven Castle East Tower 4F)

*Dwarf: King Giott wants you to use this treasure well!

*(Dwarven Castle outside)

*Dwarf: All's well!

*Dwarf: All's well over here too!

*Dwarf: Golbez has retreated!

*Dwarf: Is the overworld full of evil?

(Dwarven Castle B1F)

Dwarf: You have the king's okay? Then, I'll open it for you. (opens passage)

*Dwarf: Fat Chocobo? You're rude! Here it's the bird of the gods!

*Dwarf: The great one can carry a lot of stuff!

*(Dwarven Castle Infirmary)

*Dwarf: This is the infirmary!

*Dwarf: We dwarves are strong! But we still bleed!

*Dwarf: Zzzz...

*Dwarf: I'm getting better!

*(Dwarven Castle B2F)

*Dwarf: Rally-ho!

*Dwarf: Take care!

*Dwarf: Watch out for the big cannons in the Tower of Babil!

*Dwarf: The underworld monsters are fearsome! Be careful!

*(Dwarven Base)

*Dwarf: I'm brave! But you're even more brave!

*Dwarf: The strongest of the fearsome four is at the Tower of Babil!

*Dwarf: He who fights and runs away lives to see another day!

*Dwarf: Come back in one piece!

*Dwarf: You sneak in while we distract them with our tanks!

*Dwarf: Inside is the Water of Life! Drink before you go!

*(pot): "HP and MP restored"

*(Dwarven Castle Rally-ho Pub)

*Dwarf: Always fightin', never dancin', I like dancin' more than fightin'. I rally gotta dance! (dances) Bleh! Dizzy... I'm rally sick!

*(Developers' Room)

*S. Tanaka <Newbie>: I want my own desk.

*T. Endo <Newbie>: I'm so tired.

*K. Koizumi <Newbie>: No vacation, right, Mr. S?

*I. Dobashi <Newbie>: I didn't steal anything.

*H. Sakaguchi <Director>: Kweh...

*K. Adachi <Menu Program>: Too easy.

*Y. Matsumura <Map Design>: How's it goin'?

*Taka: I'm Taka, the dotter.

*M. Hoshino <Graphics>: You like the monsters I designed?

*H. Nakada <Graphics>: I'm the only girl here.

*R. Tanaka <Graphics>: My final work.

*(Developer's Room - Music Room)

*K. Ito <Sound Effects>: Good luck finishing.

*A. Ueda:<Sound Effects>: Like my sounds?

*M. Akao <Sound Program>: Time to play.

*N. Uematsu <Original Score>: Like the music?

*(Developer's Room - Nap Room)

*(bookshelf): "Found Smut"

*(poster): "Keep working."

*Black Mage: Cute girls! Hey, I'll help you guys.

*"T. Tokita joined the party"

*Black Mage: Please take me with you!

*K. Narita <Main Program>: No more work.

*(battle against Ito)
*"Why'd you wake me up!?"
*"I was about to..."
*(casts Sleep and battle ends)

*(battle against Aoki)
*"Wanna hear my violin?"
*"You don't wanna hear it?"
*(battle ends)

*(Battle against Higuchi)
*"How dare you hit me!?"
*"Take this!"
*(uses Detonate and self-destructs, ending battle)

*(battle against Takahasi)
*"You wanna die?"

*(battle against Yoshii)
*"I'm gonna become a daddy!"
*"Cool, huh?"
*(battle ends)

*(battle against Nakada)
*(Screen darkens and song changes to Fabul theme)
*"So who's first?
*"Manager: Hiromi! Come here!"
*(Nakada is defeated)

*(battle against Matsui)
*"Look at my status"
*(When Scan is used) "
*"Weak: Fire, Ice, Bolt, Holy, Projec, All-nighters, Girls with glasses, Really weak"
*"How can you hit me?"
*"Forgive me!"
*(Matsui retreats)

*(if Smut is used)
*(screen turns pink and Calbrina song plays)
*Cecil: ...

(As party approaches Tower of Babil from dwarven passage, tanks exchange fire with tower)

(Tower of Babil 8F)

Doctor: Have a safe trip, Master Rubicant.

Rubicant: Not to worry. Eblan has been decimated along with its ninjas. Take care of things until I return.

(Rubicant uses teleporter)

Doctor: Uwee-hee-heee!! Golbez and Rubicant are gone! Time to party!

Rydia: What's with him?

Rosa: Ssh.

Doctor: Who's there!?

Cecil: !

Doctor: Cecil! How'd you get up here!?

Kain: Caught you at a bad time, eh? Your buddy Rubicant's gone. Whatever will you do now?

Doctor: GAH, Disrespecting me! You nincompoop! Though I'm not one of the Four Fiends, I, Dr. Lugae, am the brains of Golbez's operation! On my honor, I will protect this tower!

Kain: That's a laugh!

Doctor: I've heard enough out of you! My great creation will shut your pie hole soon enough!

(battle against Dr. Lugae and Balnab)
Doctor: Balnab, attack!
(attacks Dr. Lugae)
Doctor: YEOW! You big oaf!
Doctor: Over there! Beat 'em up!
Balnab: GRRR.
Doctor: Show no mercy!
Doctor: You need more oil!
(Dr. Lugae uses Heal on Balnab)
Balnab: GRRR.
(if Balnab is defeated before Dr. Lugae)
Doctor: My baby!
Doctor: Dang!
Doctor: I'll control him myself!
(transforms into Balnab-Z)
Doctor: What's this button?
(Uses Detonate and self-destructs)
(if Dr. Lugae is defeated before Balnab)
Balnab: Oil...OILLL...
(Uses Detonate and self-destructs)

Doctor: DANG IT! Okay, time to get serious!

(battle against Lugaborg)
Doctor: No more games!
Doctor: Transform!

Doctor: You're too late. The Tower of Babil connects the underworld and the overworld, and Rubicant has already taken all the Crystals to the surface. And my super cannons will blow the dwarves away! I win, I win! Uwee-hee--UGH!

(Dr. Lugae vanishes)

Rydia: The dwarves are in danger!

Yang: We must stop the cannons!

Kain: What are we waiting for? Let's go!

*(Rubicant's teleporter): Cecil: It's some kind of warp system. Looks like we can't use it.

(Tower of Babil 5F)

*(check door):"Locked" (use TowerKey) "Unlocked the door"

(Tower of Babil Super Cannons room)

Monsters: Gah ha ha! Killing dwarves is fun!

Cecil: You cowards!

Monsters: What the-- How'd you get in here!? Kill them!

(battle against Dark Imp x3)

Monsters: Urgh... D-Destroy the controls.

(Monsters destroy controls)

Monsters: Nothing can stop the cannons now!

(monsters vanish)

Cecil: !!

Kain: Dammit!!

Cecil: Yang!

Rosa: What are you doing!?

Yang: Leave this to me! Go!

Cecil: It's gonna blow!

Yang: GO!

(Yang throws group out of room)

Cecil: Yang!!

Yang: Cecil, everyone, I thank you.

Kain: Open the door!

Rydia: Yang!

Rosa: Please don't do this!

Yang: Tell my wife... I will always be with her.

Cecil: Yang!!!

Yang: Farewell.

(room explodes)

Cecil: !!

*(check door): "The door is broken"

(Tower of Babil 1F)

(as party tries to leave tower)

"You never cease to amuse me..."

Cecil: Golbez!

Golbez: When the cast is away, the mice will play. The game ends now.

(bridge starts to collapse behind party - party tries to get away, but falls, and is caught by airship)

Cid: Whooey! Doesn't get any closer than that!

Rosa: Cid!

Cid: Where's Yang?

Rosa: <Sob...sob...>

Cecil: ...He sacrificed himself to save the dwarves.

Cid: ...We've lost another good man. And who is she?

Cecil: Rydia. She's a summoner of Mist.

Cid: Ahh, persistent runts!

(Red Wings start chasing Enterprise)

Kain: Can we shake 'em!?

Cid: I don't know. They've definitely upgraded the Red Wings.

(Red Wings continue chasing Enterprise)

Rydia: They're catching up!

Cid: Doggonit!

(Red Wings continue chasing Enterprise)

Cid: The engine's not gonna last! Cecil, take over!

Rosa: Cid!

Cecil: Where are you going!?

Cid: Once she flies outta here to the surface, I'm gonna seal the entrance with this bomb!

Rosa: Wait!

Cid: Oh yeah, return to Baron afterward and talk to my men.

Rosa: Cid!!

Cid: Take good care of Cecil...and tie the knot already! Have a whole mess of kids!

Cecil: No! There has to be another way!

Rydia: Cid, please don't!

Cid: Hey, I'm Uncle Cid to you, lassie!

Cid: Remember! Head for Baron immediately!

(Cid leaps off airship)

Cid: Now this is what I call goin' out with a BANG! HEH HEH HEH heh he..h..

(Cid sets off bomb and explodes, collapsing Agart crater after Enterprise escapes)

(back on Enterprise)

Rosa: Cid...

Rydia: Why...?

Kain: Everyone rushing towards death...

Cecil: Let's head to Baron.

*(Fabul West Tower 3F)

*Yang's wife: What!? Shut up! My hon's not dead! No way...

*(Baron, Cid's House)

*Cid's daughter: How's my father doing? I'll ber he's playing around with his airships again.

(Baron Castle outside)

Engineer: Hello, Cecil. The boss ordered us to attach this hook to the Enterprise. It won't take long.

(Engineers work on Enterprise)

Engineer: It's done. Now you can hoist and carry the hovercraft. Just fly the Enterprise right over the hovercraft and press the confirm button to load and unload the vehicle. With both vehicles you can go pretty much anywhere now, even the Cave of Eblan by the Tower of Babil.

Cecil: There's something I must tell you both. It's about Cid...He's--

Engineer: He's impossible. Yes, we know. With all that crazy energy, I can't imagine he'll ever check out. Please baby-sit him awhile longer.

(Engineers run off, screen fades to world map)

*(Baron Castle outside)

*Engineer: How's the boss doing? Same old, same old?

*Engineer: My skills have reached a new level. Maybe I'm ready to fill the boss's shoes now. Don't tell the boss, okay?

*(Adamant Grotto)

*Little: Dad found an unusual ore here. But he'd rather find an unusual tail. He likes collecting animal tails.

*Little: Beat it! Bring a tail back if you want my attention. (Use Rat Tail) Th-This is the Rat Tail! Letís trade, alright? "Received Adamant" (Uses Pink Tail) Th-this is the legendary Pink Tail! Let's trade, alright? "Received Adamant(armor)"

*(Cave Eblan B2F)

*Soldier: Who goes there! Oh, humans...

*Soldier: We are the proud people of Eblan!

*Soldier: With our castle destroyed, this is all that is left of our kingdom.

*Soldier: The survivors are hiding inside.

*Soldier: We're low on food. I wonder how long we'll last.

*Soldier: The prince went to scout ahead, but has yet to return.

*Soldier: This is a passageway to the Tower of Babil.

*(Cave Eblan Inn)

*Innkeeper: It's 700 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*(Cave Eblan shelter)

*Soldier: How did they defeat our ninjutsu so easily?

*Soldier: Where did that monster come from?

*Soldier: I can't believe what happened to the king and queen...

*Old man: I am a senior minister of Eblan. The prince is harsh, but a good man. He went to the Tower of Babil to avenge his parents.

*Girl: The prince said he'd go slay monsters! He'll come back soon, right?

*Boy: Nobody'll hurt my mom! My new brother is in her tummy!

*Old woman: Perhaps Eblan's ninjutsu will end with us...

*Woman: I'm hungry already.

*Woman: Hang in there!

*Man: the prince will surely defeat our enemy.

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

(Cave Eblan, Pass to Babil)

*Soldier: The prince went on alone!

*Soldier: Please, stop him.

*Soldier: the prince went after Rubicant...

*Soldier: When the prince gets mad, you can't stop him!

Man: Rubicant! At last...!

Rubicant: Pardon, have we met before?

Man: I am Edge, Prince of Eblan!

Rubicant: No, I don't recall that name.

Edge: It doesn't matter 'cause you're dead!

(autobattle Edge against Rubicant)
(Edge uses Flame)
Rubicant: Poor technique.
Rubicant: This is how it's done.
(Rubicant uses Scorch, defeating Edge)

Edge: Aaagh!

Rubicant: I must say I'm quite impressed. Continue your training. I look forward to our next meeting.

(Rubicant vanishes)

Edge: Come back!

Cecil: Are you alright!?

Edge: I lost... Damn... Who are you all?

Rydia: We're after Rubicant, too.

Edge: Stay out of this! He's mine!

Kain: Well, you obviously don't know with whom you're dealing. He's one of the Four Fiends of Elements.

Edge: Heh, you take me for some sissy prince? I'm the rightful heir to the throne of Eblan, famed for its ninjutsu for generation. So buzz off! I can take care of myself!

Rydia: Stop it!

Rydia: Tellah, Yang, Cid... They're all gone... Please. No more... <Sob.>

Edge: Hey...

Rosa: Rydia...

Rydia: <Sob...sob...>

Cecil: Rubicant is the strongest Fiend. The odds might be against us, but somehow we must recover the Crystals.

Edge: Alright, I'll let you all in on this. I can't bear to see a pretty girl cry.

Kain: Heh, he sure talks big for a guy who just got worked. Rosa, give him a hand.

Rosa: Cure!

(Rosa casts Cure, Edge stands up)

Edge: Sweet! Not one, but two babes in the party.

Edge: Alright, let's bust in there!

Rydia: Gee, I don't know about him...

"Ninja Edge joined the party"

(Tower of Babil 1F)

Cecil: How do we get in?

Edge: Heh heh. Watch.

Edge: Ready?

(Edge sneaks through wall into tower)

(Tower of Babil B5F)

(King and Queen of Eblan appear)

King: Edge...

Edge: Father! Mother!

Queen: Thank heavens... You're alright...

Edge: You're...alive?

Queen: Come with us, Edge.

King: Yes...we must go now.

Edge: Where?

Queen: TO HELL!

Cecil: !!

(battle against K. Eblan and Q. Eblan)
King: Fools...
King: Burn to ashes!
Edge: What's goin' on!?
Edge: Father! Mother!
Edge: It's me, Edge! Your son!
"They regain consciousness"
King: Edge...
King: We are no longer human...
King: We no longer belong here.
Queen: I'm sorry , Edge.
Edge: ...
King: We must go now.
King: Eblan lies in good hands.
King: Do your best for the people.
Edge: Don't go!
(King disappears)
Queen: I love you.
Edge: Mother!
Edge: I love you!
(Queen disappears)

Edge: ...

Rosa: Edge...

(Rubicant appears)

Rubicant: Lugae... How dare he...?

Edge: Rubicant!! You sick bastard!!

Rubicant: It was Lugae who turned your parents into monsters. I am sorry for your loss. Know that my only wish is to fight fair.

Edge: To hell with your self-righteous crap!

Rubicant: I admire your spirit. But anger never bears true strength, and it blinds you.

Edge: Shut up! I'll show you the power of anger!

"Anger evoked Edge's dormant powers"

"Edge learned Flood and Blitz"

Rubicant: Well, this is interesting. Still, nothing can penetrate my Cloak of Flame, not even ice.

Rubicant: I shall restore you to full strength. Do not disappoint me.

(Rubicant heals party)

"HP and MP restored"

(battle against Rubicant)

Rubicant: Though you are five, you have defeated me as one. I am most impressed. Still you will never stop Master Golbez. 'Til we meet again...

(Rubicant disappears)

Edge: ... Father... Mother. You can rest in peace now.

"Your Highness!"

(Old man and four Eblan soldiers appear)

Edge: Gramps!

Gramps: Pray, let us fight with you! Where is that devil Rubicant!?

Edge: We got him. It's over.

Gramps: Splendid! Splendid, Your Highness!

Edge: They helped me out.

Edge: So, who's this Golbez?

Kain: Rubicant's master. He plans to gather the world's Crystals to reach the moon.

Edge: Why the moon?

Cecil: We don't know exactly. He seeks some great power there.

Rydia: We have to stop him.

Edge: So he's the mastermind behind all this. I'm going with you.

Gramps: But, Your Highness, Eblan needs you.

Edge: That can wait! We've gotta stop this guy before it's too late!

Gramps: But--

Edge: Ahh, stop worrying and go home. I'll be fine.

Gramps: Very well... Sirs, ladies, please take care of our prince.

All: Good fortune, Your Highness!

Edge: Yeah, yeah.

(Gramps and soldiers leave)

Edge: Okay, let's go bust up Golbez.

Rydia: We need to get the Crystals first.

Edge: Whatever. Lead the way.

(Crystal Room)

Cecil: It's a trap!

(party falls to lower levels of tower)

Edge: Damn, that hurt!

Kain: That was a nasty drop!

(party reaches airship docks)

Cecil: !?

Cecil: An enemy airship.

Edge: Let's bust outta here with this.

Rydia: That's stealing!

Edge: Who cares.

(party boards airship)

Rosa: It could be a trap.

Edge: Hey, she's not bad. Let's called her...Falcon! What do you think, Rydia?

Rydia: Oh, whatever.

Cecil: Let's get going.

Edge: Falcon, take us up!

(Falcon takes off into the Underworld)

(Dwarven Castle 1F)

*Dwarf: The overworld entrance collapsed. Very scary! I helped an old kook.

*Dwarf: I'm a nurse. No, I'm not a man!

(Dwarven Castle infirmary)

*Dwarf: That kook is old. But he's strong.

*Dwarf: That kook is a pig! He complains a lot. He still eats alot.

Cid: Oy, where's my food?

Cecil: Cid!

Rosa: I can't believe it!

Kain: How'd you--

Cid: Heh heh heh.

Edge: Who's this geezer?

Cid: Geezer!? Who is this punk kid?

Edge: Watch your mouth, windbag! I'm Edge, prince of Eblan!

Kain: Don't mind him. He's real slick.

Edge: Don't forget handsome, and really skilled!

Rydia: Stop provoking him! He's injured!

Cid: Heh heh, Rydia's got you whipped, eh, boy?

Edge: Shut up!

Cid: So, what of Golbez?

Cecil: He still holds all of the Crystals except one.

Rosa: We can't go after the last Crystal, since we left the Enterprise on the surface.

Kain: We've taken an enemy airship, but it can't fly over magma.

Cid: Damn, you're all hopeless without me.

(Cid leaps out of bed)

Dwarf: Back to bed!

Dwarf: Wait 'til you heal!

Cid: Ahh, can it and give me a hand!

(Cid drags dwarves with him)

Rosa: I think he's fine.

Cecil: Yeah...

(screen shifts to airship dock, Cid and dwarves work on the Falcon, Cid drags Edge to help)

Cid: Now you can... fly over anything.

Rosa: Great!

Cid: ...

Kain: Cid!?

Cid: Zzzz...

Rydia: He must be exhausted.

Rosa: He's overworked himself.

Cecil: Thanks, Cid.

*Cid: Zzzz...Zzzz...

*Dwarf: That kook's crazy. He needs rest.

*Dwarf: That kook's rowdy. But he's nice.

(Dwarven Castle Throne Room)

Giott: Rally-ho!

Giott: You recovered the Crystals?

Cecil: No, I'm sorry.

Giott: Golbez is persistent. Trying to open the Sealed Cave. A matter of time before he succeeds. I want you to get the Crystal before he does. Luca.

Luca: Yeah?

Giott: Your necklace.

Luca: Here.

Giott: The key to open the Sealed Cave. Without this necklace, no one can enter. We must protect the last Crystal.

Cecil: We'll do our best.

"Received Necklace"

*Giott: We will hold off the enemy. You head southwest to the Sealed Cave.

*Luca: That necklace was my mother's.

*Dwarf: Tomra is near the Sealed Cave. Dwarves live there. We can't go there. They can't come here.

*Dwarf: Dwarves can't fly. But you can fly. You can go to the Sealed Cave.

*Dwarf: The Underworld has caves. Find the right cave. You can go to the land of Summons.

*Dwarf: You can't fly over lava? Where is that airship feller? Can't he help?

*(Kokkol's Smithy)

*Dwarf: The master lost his spark, and sleeps the days away.

*Dwarf: This is Master Kokkol's workshop, home of the world's finest smith.

*(fire): AAAH!

*(fire): AAAH!

*Kokkol: My smithing days are over! And I can't find that ore of legend, Adamant...

*(uses Adamant)

*Kokkol: This is Adamant! Give me that old sword! I shall give it new life!

*ďHanded over the LegendĒ

*(Kokkol jumps out of bed and goes downstairs)

*Kokkol: Hey, give me some time!

*Dwarf: The masterís back!

*Dwarf: Iím gonna work hard, too!

*Dwarf: Look what the master made!


*Dwarf: Mercy me! Where'd you come from?

*Dwarf: Rally-ho? No, here we say lali-ho!

*Dwarf: Lali-ho! So the castle's had it rough, recently. What's up?

*Dwarf: You come from the overworld? Mercy me! So there really is an overworld!

*(Tomra Weapon Shop)

*Dwarf: Oooh, a guest! Haven't had one for ages!

*(Tomra Item Shop)

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*(Tomra Inn)

*Dwarf Innkeeper: It's 300 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*Dwarf: They say sylphs live in caves to the northwest.

*Dwarf: Sylphs are afraid of us! Even though we're so nice!

*(Tomra storehouse)

*Dwarf: You sure came a long way. Here, take all you want!

*Dwarf: Weapons for sale.

*(Sylph Cave)

*(battle against ToadLady)

*(Sylphís house)

*Sylph: Yikes! Humans!

*Sylph: Go away!

*Sylph: We wonít hand Yang over!

*Sylph: We found him lying near the mouth of the cave. Weíve taken care of him, but he hasnít awakened.

*Yang: ...

*(Cave of Summons)

*Rydia: I passed here when I left the Land of the Summons. Maybe we should go ask Leviatan for help.

*(Land of the Summons)

*Monster: Rydia, youíre back!

*Monster: Rydia was the first human to come here.

*Monster: This is the Land of Summons.

*Monster: The king of summons resides below.

*Monster: Long time, Rydia!

*Chocobo: Rydia! Kweh? Never met a talking chocobo before?

*Bomb: Rydia! Good to see you back!

*Bomb: Oh, are they your friends, Rydia?

*Chocobo: This is the library. Lots and lots of info here.

*Monster: They say you canít meet the king without defeating Queen Asura first!

*Monster: They say my brethren are rampaging through another world!

*Monster: This land is ruled by Queen Asura and the king of summons.

*(Land of Summons Inn)

*Monster Innkeeper: Itís 1200 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)
*(No): Please come again.
*(Yes): Good night.

*Monster: Titanís got nothiní if you cast float.

*Monster: Chocobo, Shiva, Ramuh... They all live here.

*Monster: Howís Ifrit? Still hot-headed?

*(Land of Summons house)

*Monster: Rydia, please donít go away anymore.

*(Land of Summons armor shop)

*Monster: Donít bring humans here anymore, Rydia.

*Monster: We just want to live in peace and quiet.

*(Land of Summons weapon shop)

*Monster: I wonder if humans can even use our weapons...

*Monster: Wow, itís you, Rydia!

*(Land of Summons Library)

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*Monster: Shhh! This is a library, for cryiní out loud!

*Monster: Wow, these books are so moving.

*(bookshelf): Titan, Shaker of the Earth

*(bookshelf): Ifrit, Spawn of Flame

*(bookshelf): Other forms of summon magic lie undiscovered.

*(bookshelf): Ramuh, the Good Elder

*(bookshelf): Shiva, Queen of Ice

*(bookshelf): Chocobo

*(bookshelf): Summon magic: A type of magic used to call summons.

*(bookshelf): The history of the world of humans is brief compared to that of the Land of Summons.

*(bookshelf): The cave that leads to the world of humans...

*(bookshelf): Asura, queen of summons. She guards the path to the king. Only those who can surpass her powers may behold the kingís true form.

*(bookshelf): The king of summons. His powers are without equal in this land.

*(bookshelf): Odin, undefeated conqueror. Except once when his sword was struck by lighting.

*(bookshelf): Sylphs, Delicate Creatures

*(bookshelf): True strength lies in righteous souls. Yet they must survive the test.

*(bookshelf): If Scan fails, use Bestiary.

*(bookshelf): Summons, Monsters, Humans

*(bookshelf): Whale from the Moon

*(bookshelf): The god of summons created us, and watches over us from afar, never knowing defeat. Perhaps the only way to defeat him is to reflect his strength.

*(bookshelf): Two moons, but in the ancient sky, they were one. So it is written.

*Monster: Do you have literature in your world, too?

*Monster: Lots of books here.

*(Land of Summons Royal Chamber)

*Monster: This is the royal chamber.

*Monster: You must receive permission from Queen Asura before you may approach the king.

*Old man: King? Nope, Iím just an old man.

*(when group talks to Queen)

*Rydia: Queen Asura!

*Asura: Rydia, dear, what brings you back?

*Rydia: We need your help.

*Asura: Very well, but first you must prove your worth according to our custom. Do you possess the strength and courage to challenge me? (Yes/No)
*(No): Then I cannot help you.
*(Yes): Let us begin the test.
*(battle against Asura)

*Asura: You have proven your worth. Rydia summon me at will.

*"Rydia learned Asura"

*Old man: You are the first to defeat Asura. But you cannot overcome evil with strength alone. A strong spirit is required to steer oneís powers toward righteousness. Will you test your spirit against my powers? (Yes/No)
*(No): Return when you are ready.
*(Yes): (battle against Leviatan)

*Leviatan: Indeed, your spirit is righteous. I, Leviatan, king of summons, shall serve you.

*"Rydia learned Leviatan"

(Sealed Cave)

(sealed door):"The key to the seal shall open the way to the jewel of darkness." (Use Necklace, door opens)

(doors throughout cave): "The door became a monster"
(battle against TrapDoor)
(door changes into random monster)

(Sealed Cave Crystal Room)

"Received Dark"

(as party leaves Crystal Room)

Cecil: The walls!

Rydia: Theyíre moving!

Kain: Removing the Crystal mustíve triggered it!

Edge: So much for a smooth exit.

(battle against EvilWall)

Rydia: Alright!

Edge: Nothiní to it!

(as party leaves Sealed Cave screen darkens)

Cecil: Whatís going on!?

"Kain... You belong to me, Kain. Bring me the Crystal."

Cecil: Golbez!

Cecil: Kain!

Rosa: Get a hold of yourself!

Kain: Iím...alright. Iím no longer under his control!

(Kain attacks Cecil and steals Crystal)

Cecil: Ugh.

"The Dark Crystal was seized"

(Kain attempts to leave)

Edge: What the hell!!

Rosa: Kain!

Golbez: Now I can restore the Tower of Babil. At last, I shall reach the moon!

Cecil: Kain! Wake up!

Kain: ...

Rosa: Please, Kain!

Kain: With all the Crystals in hand, the way to the moon will open.

Edge: Stop!!

(Kain leaves)

Golbez: Haah ha ha ha ha!

Edge: Damn!

Cecil: ...

(Dwarven Castle Throne Room)

Giott: Rally-ho! Show me the Crystal.

Cecil: Actually...

Giott: They have all the Crystals!? Nothing we can do now...unless the Lunar Whale legend comes true.

Cecil: Lunar Whale?

Giott: A huge ship spoken of in legend. It says, "One born of a dragon--"

Cecil: The Mysidian legend!

Giott: You know Mysidia?

Cecil: Itís the home of the mages in the overworld.

Giott: Mysidia really exists!

Cecil: Iíve met the elder of Mysidia, who now prays tirelessly in some tower.

Giott: Prays...!?

Cecil: ?

Giott: Praying for the Lunar Whale, perhaps! You must hurry to Mysidia!

Rosa: But the exit is sealed.

Edge: We canít use the Tower of Babil, either.

"Then dig your way out."

(Cid appears)

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: I'll attach a drill to the Falcon's bow.

Rosa: Shouldnít you be in bed?

Cid: Ahh, no worries.

Edge: Can you really do it?

Cid: Piece of cake.

Cid: Okay! Let's get to work!

(screen shifts to airship dock where Cid and dwarves work on Falcon, with Edge and Cecil helping)

(Cid collapses)

Cecil: Cid!

(screen shifts to Dwarven Castle infirmary)

Cecil: Cid.

Rosa: You've overworked yourself.

Cid: I guess the old windbag needs to step out of the action for awhile. Other than messin' with airships, I'm not much use anymore.

Edge: My hatís off to you, old man. You're really something.

Rydia: Get well, okay?

Cid: Look after Cecil and Rosa.

Edge: Don't worry. Just get some rest.

Cid: Take care of yourselves, you hear?

Rosa: You too.

Cid: Alright. Get outta here.

Cecil: Thanks for everything.

*Cid: You'll be fine. Just think of that airship as me.

*Dwarf: Overworld people work hard. I'm impressed!

*Dwarf: That kook really attached the drill!

*(Dwarven Castle Throne Room)

*Giott: Go to Mysidia! Good luck.

*Luca: Please visit us again.

(Using the drill, Falcon breaks through Agart crater to the overworld)

*(Eblan Cave)

*Soldier: Show the world your greatness, Your Highness!

*Soldier: We will hold the fort until the prince returns.

*Gramps: Do not worry about us, Your Highness. Please be careful.

*Soldier blocking tower entrance: Your Highness. Please take caution.

*(Fabul West Tower 3F)

*Yang's wife: Come again? My hon's in the underworld? Damn loafer... Phew, these onions... <Sniffle-sniffle...>

*Yang's wife: Here, take this, and smack that no-good in the head, will ya?

*ĒReceived PanĒ

*(Sylph's House)

*(use Pan on Yang)

*Sylph: Hey! Stop...

*(smacks Yang with Pan)

*Yang: ... Is it time for training? Allow me to sleep...

*Yang: Cecil!?

*Cecil: Yang!

*Rydia: Alright!

*Yang: The Sylphs saved my life.

*Rosa: Just as you saved us by destroying the cannons.

*Yang: I shall join you once again.

*Sylph: You must rest!

*Yang: I cannot rest while you risk your lives.

*Edge: Just take it easy.

*Yang: You are...

*Edge: I'm Edge, of Eblan. Donít worry. I can cover for you.

*Yang: Eblan. So you are a ninja. But I must--

*Sylph: No! Weíll fight for you instead.

*Yang: ?

*Sylph: She's a summoner, right? Please call upon us anytime.

*Rydia: Thank you.

*"Rydia learned Sylph"

*Yang: I am most grateful.

*Yang: ...

*Sylph: What if Yang dies!?

*Sylph: Humans are so violent.

*Sylph: Please donít take Yang away.

*Sylph: We'll take care of Yang.

*(Fabul Castle West Tower 3F)

*(use Pan after waking Yang)

*Yang's wife: Oh thanks. Here, this might come in handy.

*(Received Knife)

*Yangís wife: Tell him not to worry 'bout me.

*(Baron Castle B2)

*King: You have returned.

*(King of Baron appears)

*Cecil: Your Majesty...

*King: Do not grieve. Through death, I have attained eternal power. That summoner of Mist may call upon me at will; thereupon, I shall appear as an almighty summon. But our law decrees that I must first test your worth. Do not fail.

*(battle against Odin)

*King: You have come of age. The worldís fate lies in your hands, and I shall fight at your side as Odin.

*Cecil: Your Majesty!

*"Rydia learned Odin"

*(King disappears)


(upon entering Mysidia, Elder arrives)

Elder: We knew you would return. Please join us at the Tower of Worship.

(screen shifts to Mysidian Legend)

"One born of a dragon,
bearing darkness and light,
shall rise to the heavens
over the still land.
Bathing the moon in eternal
light, he brings a promise
to Mother Earth with bounty
and grace."

(screen shifts to Tower of Worship)

Elder: Pray, everyone! Now is the time to make the legend come true.

(Elder begins praying, screen starts to glow, whirlpool forms in bay next to Mysidia)

Elder: Ohh... Look! Our prayers... They were answered!

(Lunar Whale rises from whirlpool)

Elder: There is no doubt. The glorious ship... The Lunar Whale!

Elder: A strange voice addressed me during our prayers. It said, "Come hither to the moon." Someone awaits you on the moon.

Cecil: How can we possibly get there?

Elder: The Lunar Whale came from the moon. An old Mysidian record revealed that the crystal inside the ship, not the flight panel, controls navigation between here and the moon.

Cecil: Iíll see what I can do.

(Cecil leaves Tower if Worship to board Lunar Whale)

*(Tower of Worship)

*Black Mage: Please hurry to the moon.

*Black Mage: Please hurry to the moon.

*Black Mage: We shall continue to pray.

*White Mage: Please hurry to the moon.

*White Mage: We shall continue to pray.

*White Mage: We shall continue to pray.

*(Kokkolís Smithy)

*Kokkol: Itís ready! The holy sword Excalibur!

*"Received Excalibur"

*Kokkol: I love smithing again!

(Lunar Whale)

(uses crystal, and ship flies to the moon)

*(Hummingway cave)

*Roaming Hummingways: Hummm...Hum...

*Hummingway: Long ago, one of our people built a ship and traveled to the blue planet. He was adept at naming things.

*Hummingway: We are the Hummingways.

*Hummingway: You wish to change your name? Why are you asking me?

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)
*(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)
*(Yes): Who desires a new name?
*(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..
*(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

*(Cave Bahamut)

*Boy: What do you want!?

*Girl: Oh...Youíre half...

*Bahamut: The king of summons has not acknowledged you. Please leave.

*(After beating Leviatan)

*Bahamut: You have won Leviatan over. That still proves nothing. I, Bahamut, god of summons, shall decree the final judgment!

*(battle against Bahamut)

*Bahamut: Your spirit and strength are worthy indeed. Rydia, summon me as you wish.

*"Rydia learned Bahamut"

*Boy: The god of summons acknowledged you!? Thatís a first.

*Girl: You appear to shoulder a tremendous fate.

(Crystal Palace)

"Thank you for coming."

(old man appears)

Cecil: ...Who are you?

Old Man: I am FuSoYa, guardian of the Lunarians.

Rosa: Lunarians?

FuSoYa: In eons past, a planet between Mars and Jupiter verged on extinction. The survivors escaped by ship to the blue planet.

Cecil: The blue planet...? Our home?

FuSoYa: Yes, Earth. But Because the people of Earth were still evolving, the survivors created another moon, where they now sleep.

Edge: So these survivors became Lunarians, and they're still sleeping.

FuSoYa: Some were reluctant. One even schemed to destroy life on Earth and usurp the planet.

Rydia: My gosh...

FuSoYa: I forced him to sleep, but even through long repose, the power of his will continues to grow. That very will has further corrupted evil souls, inciting them to gather the Crystals.

Cecil: Golbez being one of them.

Edge: So who is this guy?

FoSoYa: Zemus. He plans to use the Crystals, our source of energy, to restore the Tower of Babil and bring down the Giant of Babil to annihilate life on Earth.

Rosa: Insane...

FuSoYa: Such is not the Lunarians' wish. They quietly wait for earthlings to evolve, and long to commune with them one day.

Cecil: How did the Lunar Whale come into being?

FuSoYa: My brother KluYa made it long ago to go to the blue planet, which he had longed to visit. He introduced the concept of airships and the Devilís Road to your people. Moreover, he fell in love with an earthling. She bore two children. You are one.

Cecil: !! I'm... Then that voice at Mt. Ordeals was--

FuSoYa: The spirit of your father, no doubt. You resemble KluYa.

Cecil: That light...was my father...

FuSoYa: KluYa gave you his power to fight Zemus. We must stop him for the sake of our two races. Now let us depart for the Tower of Babil.

Edge: The tower's shielded.

FuSoYa: I can neutralize the barrier. Come, we have little time.

"Lunarian FuSoYa joined the party"

*(Crystal Palace 2F)

*Crystal: We are the Crystals of the moon.

*Crystal: The eight corresponding earth Crystals help sustain the moon's balance.

*Crystal: We surround the entrance to the central core, where Zemus lies.

*Crystal: Zemus casts a field from within to seal the path to the core.

*Crystal: Zemus used Golbez to gather the Earth's Crystals and amplified their energy at the Tower of Babil.

*Crystal: We, the eight Crystals of the moon, have sealed Zemus.

*Crystal: Even in captivity, Zemus continues to intensify the power of his will.

*Crystal: The Lunarians sleep deep within the moon. FuSoYa has protected them for eons.

*(path to core): "Sealed by an invisible force."

(Lunar whale flies back to earth, where Giant is about to be summoned)

Rydia: Aaah!

Cecil: The tower!?

FuSoYa: We are too late!

Edge: What do you mean "too late"!?

FuSoYa: The Giant of Babil will come forth!

(Giant of Babil appears in front of Tower of Babil and walks forward, blasting the land around it)

Rydia: Oh gosh!

Edge: Dammit!!

Rydia: We have to do something!

Cecil: Whatís that!?

(tanks appear and fire on Giant)

Giott: Enter the dwarves! We will join you! Fight for Mother Earth!

Dwarves: Rally-ho!

Yang: I will not rest while you brave this crisis.

(airships appear and fire on Giant as well)

Cid: Tme to steal the show, boys! Full throttle!

Apprentices: Aye, aye!

Palom: Hey, bro! Whassup!

Porom: The elder restored us to normal.

Elder: This battle is not yours alone! Everyone must fight for the sake of survival.

Edward: All the courage you have taught me, I will put forth!

(tanks and airships exchange fire with Giant)

Cecil: Thank you, all of you...

Rosa: The giant is staggering!

FuSoYa: Now is our chance to enter the Giant of Babil!

Edge: I get it! We get inside and destroy its core!

Cecil: Cid!

(Cid approaches Lunar Whale in airship)

FuSoYa: Approach its mouth.

Cid: Who is he?

Cecil: FuSoYa, guardian of the Lunarian.

Cid: Lu--what?

FuSoYa: Can you or not?

Cid: Ahh, keep your beard on. There's nothin' I canít do.

(airship flies towards Giant)

FuSoYa: Now!

Cid: Hang on!

(airship flies closer to Giant, dropping group inside it)

(Giant of Babil)

*(battle against Alert or Searcher)
*"Confirming intruder alert."

(Giant of Babil Stairwell)

(Rubicant appears)

Rubicant: At last.

(Valvalis appears)

Valvalis: You cannot stop the Giant of Babil.

(Cagnazzo appears)

Cagnazzo: Kahaha... Now itís your turn.

(Milon appears)

Milon: To go to hell!

Cecil: The Four Fiends!

Milon: Indeed.

Cagnazzo: Master Zemus blessed us with a second life.

Valvalis: Prepare to die.

Rubicant: I shall enjoy fighting you again. As you have taught me, we, too, will fight as one. Now allow me to restore your strength.

(Rubicant restores party)

"HP and MP restored"

Rubicant: This time we shall prevail.

(battle against Elements)

Milon: Master Zemus!

(Milon disappears)

Cagnazzo: One last chance!

(Cagnazzo disappears)

Valvalis: Failed again...

(Valvalis disappears)

Rubicant: Farewell, valiants.

(Rubicant disappears)

(Giant of Babil Core)

FuSoYa: We have reached the core.

Edge: Damn! Itís huge!

FuSoYa: The defense system repairs the main system. We must destroy it first.

(battle against CPU, Attacker, Defender)

(CPU explodes)

Cecil: Alright!

Edge: It stopped!


(Golbez appears)

Golbez: You are all DEAD!

FuSoYa: You!

(FuSoYa walks up to Golbez)

Golbez: Die!

FuSoYa: Have you forgotten who you are!?

Golbez: Urgh! Stop!!

FuSoYa: You must awaken!

(FuSoYa casts a spell, then collapses)

Golbez: ...How did I bear all that hatred...?

FuSoYa: You have come to. Do you remember your father's name?

Golbez: My father...KluYa.

Cecil: What!?

Rosa: Wait!

Edge: You're brothers!?

Cecil: ...

FuSoYa: You were controlled by Zemus's telepathy. Your Lunarian blood easily fell prey to his influence,and amplified its effects.

Edge: You alright?

Cecil: I have been cursing...and fighting my own brother...?

Golbez: ...

Cecil: Then again, Zemus could have chosen me instead...

Golbez: No. Zemus chose me because of the evil in my soul, however small it was. Zemus...

(Golbez turns to leave)

Cecil: Where are you going!?

Golbez: I shall settle this myself.

FuSoYa: Wait!

FuSoYa: Zemus is a Lunarian, of my race. I will accompany you.

Golbez: Farewell, Cecil.

(Golbez and FuSoYa leave together)

Edge: Aren't you gonna go with him?

Rosa: Golbez... He's willing to die.

Cecil: ... ...He's my brother.

Rydia: Cecil.

Cecil: ...

(Giant starts to shake)

Edge: Aw, crap!

Rydia: Letís go!

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil: ...

Edge: Come on!

Rydia: But whereís the exit!?

"This way!"

(Kain appears)

Rosa: Kain!

Edge: What are you doin' here!?

Kain: Talk later! Come on!

Rosa: Cecil!!

(party escapes Giant as it collapses)

(Lunar Whale)

Kain: Iíve broken free of his control once and for all. Still, I don't expect you all to forgive me.

Edge: Forgive you!? The giant was revived because of you!

Rosa: Stop it!

Kain: ...

Rosa: Golbez was being manipulated, too! It's not Kain's fault!

Kain: Golbez...too?

Rosa: Golbez is Cecil's brother. A Lunarian called Zemus controlled him from the moon.

Rydia: FuSoYa helped Golbez remember everything. Now they're going to the moon to fight Zemus.

Kain: Golbez is... Cecil's brother...

Kain: I'm going to the moon, too--to get even with Zemus.

Edge: You'll just end up gettin' hypnotized again.

Kain: Pray kill me if that happens.

Edge: Then I'll have to go with you. I wanna bust Zemus up anyway.

Cecil: Okay...

Cecil: Let's go.

Rosa: Cecil.

Cecil: Rosa, you and Rydia stay behind.

Rosa: What!?

Rydia: No!

Cecil: I doubt we'll all return safe this time...

Rosa: ...

Rydia: But--

Cecil: Get off!

(Rosa leaves)

Edge: Now you be a good girl and stay home.

Rydia: Idiot!

(Rydia leaves)

Edge: <Sigh.>

Kain: Cecil.

Cecil: Alright, then. Letís go!

(party activates crystal and takes off for the moon)

Cecil: Ready?

(party goes to leave Lunar Whale, Rosa appears and stops them)

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: ...

Cecil: We're taking you back.

Rosa: No! I'm coming with you!

Cecil: !

Rosa: I don't care what happens! As long as I'm with you.

Cecil: ...

Edge: Aw, what about me? Where's my love?

Kain: Come on, Cecil.

Cecil: ...Okay. matter what, I will protect you.


(Rydia appears)

Edge: You!

Rydia: I told you before. We have to confront this together. Besides, you'll need my help.

Cecil: You're right... Let's go.

(party exits Lunar Whale)

*(Mysidia Tower of Worship)

*Engineer: Only you can handle the boss, Cecil. Please come back.

*Engineer: Please return safely.

*Cleric: I never imagined this to happen...

*Cleric: Edward has been constantly praying for your safety.

*Luca: Please come back and visit us, okay?

*Giott: Our fate rests in your hands.

*Cid: Hell, I wanna go, too! I guess I'm too old...

*Yang: You are the chosen ones. We shall pray for you.

*Edward: I'm sure Tellah is watching, too. Good luck.

*Palom: Good luck, bro! I wish I could go with you!

*Porom: You have become a great Paladin!

*Elder: You must return to the moon and face your destiny.

*(Slyph's House)

*Sylph: I'm glad Yang's alright now.

*Sylph: I'm gonna miss him.

*Sylph: I guess he has to go back to his wife...

*Sylph: Please give Yang our regards.

(Crystal Palace 2F)

*Crystal: The fall of the Tower of Babil broke the seal. Now you may reach Zemus.

*Crystal: Powerful weapons that once posed a threat to Lunarians are sealed away in the core along with Zemus.

*Crystal: We shall guide you to the core.

*Crystal: Head for the moon's core.

*Crystal: Head for the moon's core.

*Crystal: A tremendous energy field exists between Zemus and us.

*Crystal: Containing Zemus's madness within strains our power to the utmost.

*Crystal: FuSoYa and KluYa's son entered the core some time ago.

(upon stepping on path to the core)

Crystals: We shall guide you to the core.

(party is teleported to Lunar Subterrane)

*(Lunar Subterrane)


*"To the seeker of this blade, I bring death!"

*(battle against White D.)

*"Received Murasame"


*"Those damned by Zemus shall never bear this sword!"

*(battle against Wyvern)

*"Received Ragnarok"

*(Holy Lance)

*"The coveter of the holy spear shall perish!"

*(battle against Plague)

*"Received HolyLnce"


*"By sacred force, we shall protect the ribbons."

*(battle against Lunasaurs)


*"None shall ever bear the cursed sword Masamune!"

*(battle against Ogopogo)

*"Received Masamune"

*(battle against Tricker)
*(if lightning-elemental attack is used on Tricker)
*"Hee hee, I fooled you!"
*"Iíll repay you twofold!"

*(battle against Breath)
*"Reporting to Master Zemus."
*(uses Scan)

*(battle against PinkPuff)
*"Let's dance!"
*(party is Berserked)

(Lunar Core)

Cecil: Golbez, FuSoYa!

(auto battle with FuSoYa and Golbez against Zemus)
FuSoYa: Cast Meteo now!
Golbez: Ready!
Zemus: Die trying.
(FuSoYa and Golbez cast W.Meteo)
Zemus: The body dies. But the spirit lives on...
(Zemus is defeated)

Golbez: It is done...

FuSoYa: What waste... A man of such power to be consumed with evil.

Edge: Right on!

FuSoYa: We meet again.

Edge: Shucks! You guys beat me to it.

Golbez: Cecil...

Cecil: ...

Rosa: Cecil.

(Zemus starts to move and turns into flame)

"I am the incarnation of Zemus's enmity..."

"Zeromus, the absolute darkness, the epitome of hate."

(Zeromus attacks group, knocking all but FuSoYa and Golbez down)

FuSoYa: Death only increased Zemusís hatred.

Golbez: Zemus...or should I say Zeromus. I shall destroy you once and for all!

FuSoYa: Your hatred ends with us!

(autobattle with FuSoYa and Golbez against Zeromus)
FuSoYa: Meteo is useless!
FuSoYa: Use the Crystal!
(Golbez uses Crystal)
Zeromus: The Crystal...
Zeromus: It is eclipsed...
Zeromus: in the hands of darkness.
Zeromus: It is no use.
(Zeromus uses Meteo on FuSoYa and Golbez and defeats them)

Zeromus: Agony...Death... The hatred to rage on until all dies...

(screen shifts to Tower of Worship)

Porom: Elder!

Palom: We gotta do something!

Elder: It is time.

Elder: We must pray for them... We must pray for the world.

Elder: Palom, Porom, we shall send everybodyís prayers to Cecil.

Yang: Cecil...

Edward: Pray show us your courage, once more.

Cid: We're all waitin' for you!

Engineers: Please return safe.

Giott: Return peace to Mother Earth.

Luca: Please stand up!

Clerics: Youíre our last hope.

Palom: Come on, bro!

Porom: Everyone... Please...

Elder: Moon of the heavens. Recieve our prayers.

(screen shifts back to Lunar Core)

Cecil: Brother...

(Cecil walks up to Golbez)

Golbez: Cecil... Here... Use this...

"Received Crystal"

Cecil: Zeromus... For all life... and for those who gave their lives...We will not lose!

(battle against Zeromus)
(Palom and Porom appear)
Palom: You got this, bro!
Porom: Please accept this.
"They give you life"
(all party members are revived)
(Palom and Porom vanish)
(Edward and Tellah appear)
Edward: I hope this helps.
Tellah: Trust your power.
"They give you strength"
(Rosa and Rydia are fully restored)
(Edward and Tellah vanish)
(Yang and Cid appear)
Yang: Keep your focus!
Cid: Come home soon!
"They give you vitality"
(Kain and Edge are fully restored)
(Yang and Cid vanish)
(FuSoYa and Golbez appear)
FuSoYa: You must prevail.
(Cecil is fully restored)
Golbez: Brother.
Golbez: With your holy power, trust the Crystal. Zeromus! Show yourself!
(FuSoYa and Golbez vanish)
(Cecil uses Crystal on Zeromus)
"Zeromus reveals himself"
(if Zeromus uses Black Hole)
"All magic nullfied"

"I will long as evil...dwells in the hearts...of mankind. GRRRAAGH!"

(Zeromus is defeated)

FuSoYa: Well done!

FuSoYa: Your powers have far exceeded my expectations. Indeed, your race has come far-- trancended ours, perhaps.

Edge: Yeah, we rule!

Kain: Zeromus's last words... What do you think...?

Rosa: As long as evil dwells in the hearts...

FuSoYa: In every heart, there resides good and evil... just as the Crystals of light and dark exist, just as the overworld and underworld together form the Earth. Against evil will, good will arises; thus did you overcome Zemus.

Edge: Ahh, it was nothin'. I was born a hero.

Rydia: Could you be more arrogant!? I'm surprised Zemus didn't control you.

Edge: Hey, never me. I'm all righteousness.

FuSoYa: I must go now and sleep along with my people. And you?

Cecil: We are going home.

Rosa: Our friends are waiting.

FuSoYa: Ah, yes. You are truly blessed with fine companions. I look forward to our next meeting.

Golbez: I wish to accompany you.

FuSoYa: You?

Golbez: I cannot go back-- not after what I've done. And I long to know more about the Lunarians, my father's people.

FuSoYa: Ah, yes--you are half Lunarian. A long sleep awaits us, mind you.

Golbez: I have no qualms.

Golbez: You called me "brother."

Cecil: ...

Golbez: I have caused you much pain... I cannot expect your forgiveness.

FuSoYa: Fare you well. we shall pray for peace on Earth.

FuSoYa: Come.

Golbez: Yes.
Rosa: Cecil.

Kain: So that's it?

Rydia: Heís your brother!

Golbez: Farewell.

Edge: Cecil!

Cecil: ... Goodbye. ...Brother.

Golbez: ...

Golbez: ...Thank you, Cecil.

(scene fades to a view of outer space, with the Earth and two moons orbiting the sun)

"One born of a dragon,
bearing darkness and
light, shall rise to
the heavens over the
still land.

Bathing the moon in
eternal light, he brings
a promise to Mother Earth
with bounty and grace.

But someday the moon
shall depart, seeking
its own light. The sons
of moon and Earth shall
then part, divided by
the flow of time."

(the Lunar Whale returns to Earth and sinks back into the water)

(screen shifts to Mysidia)

Elder: Now for today's lesson.

Porom: Yes, Elder.

Elder: Uh, where is Palom?

Porom: Oh, not again!

(scene shifts to Palom and a girl outside)

Porom(should be Palom): Yep, that's when I cast Ice, and bam!

(Porom arrives and smacks Palom)


Palom: Oww!

Porom: Get back to the house! The elder is very angry!

(Porom drags Palom back to Elderís house)

Elder: ...and you expect to become the next Tellah! Transcribe one thousand spells by tonight!

Palom: Nooo!

Porom: Get to work!

(scene shifts to Eblan)

Gramps: Your Highness, as the heir to the throne you must exercise more prudence!

Edge: Stop naggin' me! I know!

Gramps: Then, hereon, you will refrain from courting ladies everyday.

Edge: Yeah, yeah.

Gramps: Please stop with those lazy answers!

Edge: Damn, Rydia... no girl in this world compares to you.

Gramps: Your Highness!

(Edge runs off, and Gramps chases him)

(scene shifts to Land of Summons)

Leviatan: She has boundless potential.

Asura: Yes. I never imagined she would return.


(Monster enters chamber)

Summon Kid: I was wondering: why do I have fangs? I don't want fangs. I wish I were like you.

Rydia: Listen to me. Humans and summons look different, but we're the same.

Asura: She brings new life to our land.

Leviatan: And beauty.

Rydia: You and I have the same heart.

Rydia: That's all that matters.

(scene shifts to Fabul)

Yang's Wife: Hon, I donít like this one bit.

Yang: Stay calm. You are a queen now. And stop addressing me as "hon."

Yang's Wife: All this formality crap's makin' my neck stiff.

Yang: Oh, I must go.

Yang: It is time for training.


(Yang leaves with monks)

Yang's Wife: Hon! Get yer butt back here!

Ex-King: Now, now. Yang is striving to build a new Fabul.

(scene shifts to Damcyan)

"Hey, Prince!"

(three children run to Edward while he helps rebuild)

"Play us the paladin song!"

Edward: Alright. But first, we have to work. We need to rebuild the castle as soon as possible, right?

"Yeah, okay! See you later!"

(children leave)

Edward: Anna...

Edward: Watch over me; Iíll bring happiness to my people. Take care of Tellah.

(scene shifts to Dwarven Castle)


Giott: Begin work! The castle needs much fixing.

Dwarf: King, we rally need more steel!

Giott: Scrap the tanks! No more wars! No need for them!

Luca: Father, have you heard from Cecil?

Giott: Good news. Cecil and Rosa will rule Baron, as king and queen.

Luca: Really!

Giott: We are going to the coronation.

Luca: Yay!

Dwarf: King, we rally need more tanks.

Giott: Scrap the swords and armor!


(scene shifts to Mt. Ordeals)

Kain: Cecil...Rosa... Forgive me. I canít give you my blessing. I will train here at Ordeals to surpass my father and return someday as a worthy dragoon. Maybe then...

(scene shifts to Corio Observatory, where Corioís assistant is looking through telescope)

Assistant: Huh!?

Corio: What?

Assistant: Oh my gosh! The moon!

(Corio looks into telescope, scene shifts back to outer space where moon flies away from Earth)

(scene shifts back to Baron Castle, Cecil's room)

Cecil: ...!

Rosa: Whatís wrong?

Cecil: Nothing... I thought I heard my brother.

Rosa: What did he say?

Cecil: ...It was just my imagination.

(Cid appears)

Cid: Oy, what the hell's takin' so long!? You're holdin' up the show!

Rosa: Sorry.

Cid: Save the hanky-panky 'til after the ceremony! Come on, Rosa! Wait, do I have to call you Queen from now on?

Rosa: No, please don't.

Cid: So I'm still your daddy, right? Well, I canít give the bride away until she puts on some makeup. The maids are waitin' for ya.

Rosa: Iíll be right down.

(Cid leaves)

Rosa: Everyone will be here soon. I can't wait to see them.

Cecil: Yeah.

(Rosa leaves)

Cecil: I did hear him... He said... Goodbye...

(scene shifts to Baron Castle throne room)

(the coronation begins. Cecil, Rosa and Cid are present. Edge arrives, followed by Giott, Luca, Yang, Palom, Porom, the Mysidian Elder, Edward, and Rydia. Everyone gathers and cheers.)

(FMV plays featuring various scenes from game)

(credits roll)